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Last update for (2)Korhal Cove : 2006, 06, 12 22:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1370 (2)Korhal Cove 96*96NastyMarine0.1beta

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Yes i know, a bit Paranoid Androidish, but this has alil bit bit extra to offer.. I may need to resize it to 128X128 and add an expo to both sides..

and i realize that the inverted ramp at the top right is a bit bootleg but its the best i can do right now :)

comments appreciated
For some reason, the bridge looks awkward. It seems like the bottom side has a wider bridge entrance than the top. Dunno yet though
yea sadly it was tuff to do the bridge due to the fact that it has a slight curve .. ill fix that in the next update..

the minerals at the gas expo behind the mains are edited a bit... 2 are 250, 2 are 1000, and the other 3 are 2000.
This is something that i want it to say from a long time, but i always don't have time to do it...

WTF is this "mania" thing to make every map whit inverted ramps? And WTF is this "mania" thing to make most of the expands on every map whit diffrent value at minerals?

And this is not only for NastyMarine.

I really don't know why you have to make the new and original ideas so comersial and boring. Imo, such things should be done in the end if there is no other solution to balance the map. But from your last maps this all "mania" thing is just pointless!

LGI slaps NastyMarine around a bit whith a large trought.

And don't forget... STICK TO STAREDIT!
LGI, don't agree with you there. Mineral adjustments can actually help balance the matchups, and it's good to tweak a map this way.
As i said in my previews post "It's pointless". Sometimes it's usefull and help balance, but when i see how most of the mappers these days are making such mix whit the minerals just to be "more original" makes me angry. Since when those mappers become that famus that every player will play their map and learn the mix of minerals? I mean that most of the players that will try this map or any other whit the same "original ideas" will say in the middle of the game "oh, crap something is wrong whit my resurs". And 99% he will leave and won't learn the "original ideas" just because WE ARE NOT SO FAMUS AS YOU THINK.


Imho... :)
"LGI slaps NastyMarine around a bit whith a large trought.


kinda extreme dont ya think? I think u jus needta calm down a bit and jus accept changes in the map making community... and yes i do think i shuld change the inverted ramp here but u really need to approach it differently if u think that we shuldnt use these as much.

and im sry for saying this .. but in these type of arguements where ur flaming an idea, u shuldnt be using "imo" or "imho", its an overused phrase and its clearly more than an opinion if u wanna say things like:

"LGI slaps NastyMarine around a bit whith a large trought."

these statements wont help ur arguement
modified by NastyMarine
and please talk about the map in this thread and not the ramps.. if any1 wants to argue about inverted ramps then start a forum topic about it.. ok.. sorry to sound straight foward but its kinda childish
star edit 4 life...these inverted ramps are useless

modified minerals arguable so
I agree that people are taking too much advantage of inverted ramps, but not this map -.-. In this map, the main ramps both are normal, and there is only one inverted ramp, you might argue that the bridge wasn't made in staredit =/. However nobody has ever argued abouyt that before (nobody with half of a mind).
Nasty i am calm, don't worry... I type the qutoes that you showed in the good way... I had a smile on my face when writting all this, but my bad english don't let me to write it more as a joke... Anyway don't take it so hard, just observe the facts and think about it. When you make maps that in mapdori are already made as an idea you will be always a step behind, but now when every korean is making a map whit special editors, inverted ramps, etc, etc you can shook them whit a StarEdit map. It's more difficult to make a balance 4 players map in StarEdit only then the tons of maps today made in special editors. Take Sattarchasm for example or Arena.
96x96 mania has began ^^
i understand LGI! :)

To Spitfire:
Bring it! :)
reps uploaded
Lets say, some of the new maps didn't need inverted ramps, didn't need strange mineral value changes and shouldn't be 96x96, still people can create that if they want to.

I'm still with LGI there. Staredit>all. Just if you have no way of getting it done with staredit, you should hep yurself out with an other tool. Inverted ramps aren't needed that much, still, on some spots, and this time here, it's ok. Same goes to mineral changes. TBH, i've never seen a map were it "made sense" to change the value of minerals, except as blocking minerals. And 96x96 maps are "just" for fun, no competitive play possible, still fun to play. I wouldn't want to create a map that small, just because it's very limited.

Still nice work. ^^
well so far the games played on this map are very very competitive.. its very micro oriented.. especially cuz there is a min only nat.. im currtently uploading some more reps and they are really impressive.

these will show how competitive this map or any can be.. check them out! all the reps are worth seeing.
true, games are very competitive on 96x96, i was missing my own point in that comment somehow. i just meant that they won't get used in competitive play like leagues.

maybe times change, map looks good. i get some of the reps as soon as i come to it.
what about paranoid android Listoric?

Hell, its even in WCG, let alone random leagues..

--l[w]l-fiend vs l[w]l-ehkz(1on1, 1.13)
--l[w]l-Nasty vs l[w]l-fiend(1on1, 1.13)
--l[w]l-Nasty vs nguyen[ad](1on1, 1.13)
--l[w]l-mac10 vs l[w]l-Newline(1on1, 1.13)
--l[w]l-mac10 vs l[w]l-Newline(1on1, 1.13)

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