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Last update for (2)superstar0.1 : 2006, 06, 16 21:30
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1382 (2)superstar0.1 128*128noname0.1beta

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i'd like to present you another map i created. with a main setup not seen very often (and hopefully balanced *g*).

the resources are:

main: 7M + 1G
nat (in main): 6M + 1G
minonly nat: 6M

2 o'clock, 7 o'clock: 5M + 1G
12 o'clock, 6 o'clock: 6M + 1G
5 o'clock, 11 o'clock: 7M + 1G

island: 7M + 1G + blockmin(8)

other feautures:

..a rax fits into the choke, but isn't zealot safe, but since t will have the easiest time defending there inmain expo (talking about siege tanks that won't let enemy units come close to the expo without heavy damage) i don't really want them to wall in.
but the small choke is still needed for p in pvz

..the islands cannot be hit by tanks

..on the field above the inmain expo there dosen't fit any buildings (it might seem so on the pic)

..and sorry to the oldschoolers for using custom ramps again ;P

things to think about:

..are there to mutch resources in the main? i'don't worry about the minerals. there are 13 minblocks in the main. thats more than in "normal" maps, but ok imo since 6 of them aren't very well secured. it's more about the gas. should one gas be empty? which race has the biggest benefid by the inmain gas expo? the 2 o'clock (7 o'clock) gas to easy to take for a z in pvz, causing imbalances?

..should the 5 o'clock (11 o'clock) expo be more in the centre? at the moment most expansions are on the outer parts of the map. this might provide room for multible battle-spots but could also cause unused/unesseary parts or expos on the map.

please tell me your thoughts on the map and if you find the time i'd be happy to see a rep of a test game ;)
great layout/setup imo. And tho the mains are cool too, zerg wuld have a terrible time defending their min mine vs bunk rush etc.. i guess reps will show it? everything else is pretty gosu :)

btw: the nat inside the mains, need a space for a cannon/turret so that it can be defended from harass (muta/lurk/templar etc)
i think the mains will be too small.
it isn't possible to build a bunker on the higher ground behind the inmain :)

i wanted them to be hard to defend.. but hm :/ i could give space for a cannon or two behind the mins .
i meant the main starting location mineral line. i knew that the nat isnt building cliffable (however u wanna say it)
ok. i changed the nat mins, so that p can build cannons.. for example like this:
Free Image Hosting at

or like this:
Free Image Hosting at

i will create new mapshot an update the map.

inept// i tried to fit in a t base like it could look like in a tvz as you can see on the shot i took there are 8rax, 2fax, 2ebay, 1port, 1scien, 1academy,7turrets and 19depots. imo the buildingspace is ok. but i could enlarge it slightly without mutch problem.. we'll see other opinions, ok?

Free Image Hosting at

nastymarine// ok. ..but couldn't zerg simply place a sunken or two in the peaon line? i mean defending the base like on other maps when z dosen't go fe. or do i still not understand? :/
modified by noname
no i guess ur right.. z wuld hafta make a third hatch sumwhere neway so they can macro neway.. so i guess they'd construct it near the ramp/choke for a defense.. its ok :D
I'm a bit worried about balance here:
TvP: See Requiem. See RoV. It's always hard for a T to fight upwards, so this might cause some imbalances.
TvZ: Hard time for Z to move out of the low ground, bunk rush above the mineral line could be devastating, 1-base T > 1-base Z.
ZvP: P will once again have a hard time moving outside of his base, as it's very open as soon as you do. Lurkers behind nat mins are devastating, as well as it being very easy to contain a P just outside his base.
My guesses: T>Z P>T Z>P, but this is, of course, theorycrafting. A map like this will need some playtesting to prove or disprove this.
REPS REPS REPS lets test it

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