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Last update for (2)Jungle Armory : 2006, 07, 05 20:59
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1406 (2)Jungle Armory 64*96NastyMarine0.1beta

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This map came from my newest competition.. this, i guess you could say, is a sample for the competition. Most of the resources are modified due to the lack of expos around the map. The minerals at the mains are 2000. The gas at the nats are 7000. The min onlies are 2500 each. For the most part, it will (theory-crafting) be a fast paced game which will prolly end with in 10 - 12 mins for most players. I prolly should make the bases bigger but idk if its necessary yet :).

comments and suggestions appreciated.
Changed the name from Auir's Arsenal to Jungle Armory due to an error while editing the map
Yes, mains are very small

I suggest you remove that hill in the middle, too

Other than that, it looks very nice; it may be small, but its not constricting
vs. t looks very hard, since all the terran has to do is push in one direction and they hit all the expansions, not to mention you can only really have 2 gas.
For the competion is ok, but i would make it like this - Free Image Hosting at .

Just see the diffrences. You have a main whit dubble expos and in the middle of your main you have two wide bridges, while the expo and the choke are both near to your main and even whit the new choke that i've made that will add more balance to the map you are still not save enough because of the high ground. I mean look at the tactics that you could make on this map.

You could also just extend a small strip of highground instead of enlarging the cliff, but for the competition it does not need this.
As it is like now it's not very playable, don't you think? I mean what is the idea to make unplayable map, when whit a small update you can make it both playable and good for the competition.
i dont get why you want to make that small choke, turtling is already appealing on this map after you get over your 2 entrance base thing
yea lnept is right there, it would be near impossible to break the nats chokes then, actually, partially walling in the nat would be the best strategy in PvZ and TvP, I dunno if i wanna make ur changes yet that u suggested LGI... Entropy, posted about this map at (Portal News) and im hoping on good feedback.

Entropy posted that he's seeking B+ and A players to play the map :P (dunno if thats gonna happen tho) so he can post a battle report:

"Micro intense wise, this map might be brutal. Good map to try with an unsuspecting macro afficionado. If any pair of B+/A players tries it out send me replays please. I pormise a good Battle Report."

hopefully people try it out, so we can see how it plays in higher competition.
ill work on getting B+ LOL

3 more ranks to go

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