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Last update for (4)Cerise Ruby : 2008, 06, 05 22:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1412 (4)Cerise Ruby 128*128Nightmarjoo0.2beta

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My main concern is, is it too tight?
1) yes its too tight for horizontal matches.

2)IMO, there are too many expansions.

these 2 ideas work together. Eliminate the islands so u can move the nats over, which will open up the horizontal positions.

other than that, the map is fine. But its standard
it is really too tight for vertical positions too.

IMO you need to get rid of the two central expos and some of the rocks and cliffs at 12 and six (read that out loud, pretty nifty double-rhyme^^), see how it looks then.
perhaps we pronounce the words diferently, or perhaps our definitions of a rhyme differ, because I don't see any rhymes besides perhaps six and cliffs, and that hardly rhymes;

too many expos, isn't it better to have many expos so z can hide expo(s)?

nasty, I like the moving the nats back and killing islands idea, but panschk, doing that and killing the central expos would make the map pretty empty imo... and I spose I can kill some rocks to see how it looks, but I don't see the point in that

Okay, I'm not a good rapper ^_;

Dunno, IMO it had some style when I was singing

rocks and cliffs at twelve and six

But you're right, ain't no double rhyme in there lol.
I liked ur map... There were some issues and i tried to fix them (Did it in 5 minutes, didn't design at all) Just to let u see what is my concept for this. U don't have to use it and hope u don't mind ^_^

modified by RaDiX
why does nightmarjoo places the mineral fields like that?
OK, so let me see if I missed something. Among the first things I was told when I begun posting maps here was that I should not place the gas below or to the right of the command center/nexus/hatchery, that I should always place it on the top or left because mining that way requires less workers. However, in your North nats you have it on top and in your South nats you have it on the bottom. Does the gas issue only apply to mains and not nats?
lol Testbug, I placed the minerals the way I did because I was a noob map maker when I made this map.

Lancet, the gas issue always exists, but it is generally agreed upon here at bwm that the position of the gas can sometimes be more important than the speed of it, eg placing the gas on top for both of them would fuck pathing and space for the northern nats; the issue is more significant with the mains because you won't take your gas at the nat until your economy is already up and running, ie it will hurt less to mine slower, or hurt less to use up a worker for faster mining speed.
Always assessing the gas issue is noble however, if you can always avoid the gas issue then you avoid a possibly necessary evil positional imbalance.

"I liked ur map..." Thanks :)
Of course I don't mind you improving a bad map lol.
Ok with your version, pathing is terrible as you leave your main, your nat is in the way. Your version also takes away any emphasis on the middle by placing the money (and more gas) on the sides, the wide open middle is pretty meaningless as it can be avoided for the mostpart, or atleast the most open parts.

I might edit this map, it certainly could be improved with a little effort lol.
what can i say ... :? you are very good at map making and i ikel to be as good as you someday :)
very nice ;]
Tanks. :/

This map is terrible, why did you bump it ._.

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