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Last update for (4)STALKERANOTHER : 2008, 02, 25 00:54
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2362 (4)STALKERANOTHER 128*128M#0.3final

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

when you take starts, it will disappear (only at your starts and other players starts). but other starts Xel-naga will hinder buliding command, nexus, hatchery.

Starts mineral 6field x 44 stacked x 44 Value. whole mineral value is 11616.
modified by mapghost
modified by mapghost
very cool feature with those xelnagas. i also wanted to make 2on2 maps less macroish with such a setup; how did you manage to let them disappear when spawning? very nice feature!
I didn't understand how they work :(
flothefreak//because starts building and xel naga stack each other, and starts building is very necessary but xel-naga is not. then xel-naga is disappear.

that's just starcraft system's bug :)

RaDiX//Go to the Single Play. and Play it with 1 computer player. then insert 'black sheep wall'. then you can understand it.
omg it is that easy?
i never tried that because i thought it would not work! that is great, thanks a lot. my future 2on2 maps will take profit of this. =)
possi/mucho style? >.<

Also seems very tight... Though, with maps like python out there, we might do good bringing back some tightness...
ah, yeah.
modified by flothefreak
i allready thought of making stacked minerals in the maps, but they are VERY imba in each matchup with zerg.
zerg has like 9-15 drones per expo, but p or t has around 30, the economieboost will be to big.
z cant power workers like other races cause they need larvae for units.
u might use this concept at at most 2 expo per maps (neither startpos nor nat or 3.), cause otherwise they will be 2 overpowered.

nice idea with xelnagas at startlocations, like it :)

might be very hard for zerg cause he has to go 3 hatch every game (if FE of corse ;D), and after those protosstemple get killed he has to sunk up at one more place.
lol why are the mains so tight and small? Fill in some of that space terrain forming random chokes in the middle of the mains and give t and p some building room lol.
Because you can stack your buildings on the mineral :) How can they work? Just play it in the general game! and you can understand how you can stack your building :)

You are right , but it is only in early-time-game. because other starts will be taken by zerg, but p&t take only 6 min expo. so, this map's game which Z vs other races will be early=other races's game, after starts mineral deplete = Zerg's game. you know what i mean? :)
looks ugly in the picture, but in game it perfect, but mains are too tight, you can't stack your buildings in all te mineral fields :(

Crackling this is not zerg friendly because there is no natural expo, zerg has the same strengh in this 1base build than arcadia's or azalea's fast expo. because of the mienral fields


map in the Screenshot is Same kind of stacked mineral map.

Why buildings can be stacked?
Because in origin one-mineral map, mineral disappear and you can build on past-mineral-field.
although other mineral(be not depleted mineral) place on pas-mineral-field, starcraft system think 'because one mineral disappear, so player can place building there.' in addition, you can stack buildings on minerals as 44.

Do you follow me?
yes but not at the begining.
i siomehow mafr font syp la
Testbug//Yes. But you can bulid them when you need :)

My explanation is there. BUT it was written by korean. But you can understand my explanation through my picture.
Why stack? :/
did some1 else notice how purp`s temple is on the wrong side? :o
SiaBBo//It cause change of build-ordering. build-order will be faster in this map.

FateD//nothing. :)
how can that be possible to build at minerals?
MorroW//you can build your building after mineral disappear no matter how another mineral placed there.

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