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Last update for (2)Palace of Mists v1.2 : 2022, 07, 16 17:06
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1413 (2)Palace of Mists v1.2 96*128NoPantsRepublic0.7final

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 35 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is experimental because the natural is in a different place. Alothugh it isnt perfectly symmetrical, it plays out fine; I've enocuntered no balance issues. Comments/suggestions are always welcomed
I like the style, and I like to see some maps that are not standard with the expo layout.

Of course with a map like this, TvZ-balancing concerns are obvious. It really looks impossible for Z to expo early if terran plays 2 or three rax and scouts at least a bit, so that puts him behind. There is no super-feature for Z to make up for it, so I think it is balancing that breaks the map T_T
I made the choke to main wallable w/ rax and depot or 2 rax, so that terran cant dominate as easily early like you said, because it is a little more difficult for z to expand early since the static defenses will have to be split (or they can build hatchery at small mineral line guarding natural)
wow, thats cool, fantastic

i think zerg expandind is really easy as he can grab the onlymineral as first exp, so i dont think tvz is a problem here

in pvz the zerg could be greedy and expand instead of rushing with many lings so the big choke is not a problem for protoss, anyways the protoss could also construct a wall.. the distance between the bases is not as short, so the protoss could also expand early and if the zerg is rushing, he could face problems when a protoss turns to hardrush

in pvt the early game is ruled by protoss as there is so big choke to the mainbase, later the terran could easily grab 2 gas expos besides the mineral expos.. great games are awaited :)

added observer version

also fixed a minor imbalance (not worthy of a version change :P )
I like the layout no real problems to discuss. Good Work
-Blue's entrance to nat is now same size as red's
-Red could siege a ramp from 1st nat that blue could not; fixed now
-A little more decoration

I also changed map type to final, because I think it is finished and no longer an experiment
reminds me of an old map i made called indigo paths
there was a problem with a geyser where it wasnt exactly on grid, so you had to build the refinery away from the geyser (its confusing). Its fixed now

also fixed crooked gas worker lines

not worthy of updating name, but now map should be fine
This is the final update for this map. The changes are as follows:

-reworked topleft and bottomright expos
-mineral only nats can now be hit from cliff equally (blues used to be esier to snipe)
-corridors on sides are now of equal width (left used to be skinnier)
-left mineral only expo's building space is now equal to rights
-more decoration :D

well, this is the final update, since I've tested this map and everything runs smoothly from what I've played. If any1 finds any imbalances through actual testing and not theorycrafting, please say what they are

(do it >_<)
modified by NoPantsRepublic
Err not sure how everyone missed these things... But that main entrance is pretty big, a competent z isn't going to be greedy, he's gonna rush to some extent knowing p can't defend itself except with a wall of cannons, expensive and time consuming, and that leaves them with no zlots. If they don't wall with cannons early z will run past zlots and kill probes if possible, if nothing else probes will run around while zlots are microd, thus slowing p down already.

zvt not a problem because they can take mineral only? That mineral only looks pretty far away for one, and two, taking the mineral only first = slow gas which can = gg for zvt quickly. The mineral only in nostalgia provides much for strategic benefit than this one, but they could 3 hatch to take the expo with gas and cover the choke, but the hatch to defend both choke and expo would be far from the main.

You said not to point out theorycrafting imbalances... But if a map has basic theorycrafting imbalances shoulnd't that be addressed?

You said you've tested the map and there are no imabalances that you saw, who'd you play? comps? humans? Comps don't exploit the map the way humans will, and I see no replays indicating human testing...

Otherwise I like the map, the middle has those two mineral onlys which make the middle usefull, and those cliffs I think work fine.
you can wall w/ toss by using a gateway + zealot, but it takes some practice to get the positions right.

you can pile sunkens at main choke or nat choke, both work for me, its just that protecting nat choke protects hatchery at min only better

And I'm not against theorycrafting, it just sometimes gets out of hand when people state imbalances which have to be tested, not looked at by a picture

I played against human players on this map, but they were okay at best. I admit, I shouldve saved some replays, but I forgot :/
Hey Nightmarjoo !!! You must loose you mind boy. Come down. I check your 2pl maps and I find only crap. You have much to learn from this map. Look closer.
Hey Fry !!! Nice english, boy. I've made two 2 player maps; one was a long time ago before I learned all I know about map making, of course it sucks ass. My other one I made before that one, and have been editing it and making it much better; and since you know so much why don't you post a another brilliant comment on that map. Looking at maps made by Fry, um none on this site by that name. And as for my suggestions and comments, I think they are valid as I actually play sc, and if something I said you think is wrong, form a coherent rebuttal.
Er, i play Zerg sometimes and keeping a ovie over a Terran/protoss's base is pretty imporant early game n all..where can i place the ovie? :P
Nice palace
modified by 3EcArdIo

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