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Last update for (2)Nemesis_v1.21 : 2006, 07, 30 01:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1438 (2)Nemesis_v1.21 96*128VomiT0.8final

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 33 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

just a map i was working on. does it have too many expos for a 2plr map? is the middle area too open? is there a cleaner way to make those fuckin' outpost ramps? please let me know.
The expo before the structure must disapear 'cause she block the ramps. Any player ho control this will easely win. The rest looks good to me. Average but good, worth to be played
Gas issue.
I like the bottom half, but not the structure* part of the map. It also looks like the 6 expo can be tanked from main, but I may be wrong. The bottom half looks very nice

*by structure i mean the terrain type
1500 gas at top left and right exp
aweosme idea! great layout.. happy to see you submitting new maps!
If I understand your response to LGI's comment, you entirely missed what he said. Gas issue means the placement of the gas, and usually this only applies to mains, although the issue is always present.


Those are the compas directions for geysers, W means west of the command center or nexus or hatch, they are in descending order of mining speed with 3 miners. With 3 miners you will obtain the most amount of gas from W and least from NE in a time period. There are two very good articles in the articles section of this site, but what I gave above was essentially the results of many tests.

To simplify, you fucked red over by giving him gas on the right, N and W are the fastest gas placement, and are comparable. Even though E is next, it is dramatically slower than N and W

The simple solution, make them both N, I think that would work the best and not mess up placement too badly
i knew what lgi said had nothing to do with the amount of gas. i wasn't exactly sure though, i knew it had something to do with the placement of the geysers, thanks nightmarjoo.
oh i dont like the bottom half, i hate high grass design, it looks really ugly in my opinion

the structure design with many doodads is so nice! i fear that it wont get to play too much, the players will decide the game earlier, whoever takes the center exp quicker that should be in great advantage and could contain the other player.. but thats pretty pointless theorycrafting :)
no problem, it was a revolutionary thing to me when I began my map making here, I'm glad I can return the favour to LGI, who gave me links to the articles so I could learn them, so now he doesn't have to explain it to others ^_^

about the map, to address your question, I don't think it has too many expos. Bare in mind that in a 4 player map, where 1v1s are more common than 2v2s, a player has access to their main, their nat, usually a mineral only, and some maps have more mineral onlys, r-point has lots of gas expos, some maps have islands, hell r-point has a nat, gas expo, 4 islands which I think are mineral only, expos with gas in the north and south, and 1 more gas expo per player, in a 1v1 both players could have nine (if I'm counting right) bases total, in lt 7 (I think), Luna, 6; in your map there are three bases (including main) for each player, a neutral island, and a neutral base in middle to fight over, by no means too many expos.

I think that the grass area is too open, closing it off will help tvp pvz and tvz. You could also provde a cliff or something for east and west expos as cover on one side, that would make them easier to defend as well as close off part of that open middle
fixed the gas issue. added a cliff in the middle.
I like the new cliff, it complements the southern expo's ramp well imo, looks fairly natural.

I still think that maybe you could put an obstruction in the middle of the high grass, between the expoa and the new cliff.
modified by Nightmarjoo
you can no longer tank the nats, nor can you tank the mains from the base in between them, and vise versa.
I'd say this map is ripe for replays :D
well, if anyone plays this, please post the reps because i rarely play sc anymore. :[

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