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Last update for (2)Switched : 2006, 07, 29 07:10
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1447 (2)Switched 128*96EffectHypnotize0.1beta

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

can some PLEASE help me make inverted ramps on twilight. its almost impossible to make it look like a ramp >.<. PM me for the password if you can help. thx!
it is impossible to make the ramps look natural, but you can use crushed rock, and blend the high ground with low.
yeah u really cant make a good transition other than doing what VomiT said. other than that, the map has an okay layout.. You should think about moving the ramps at 10 and 3 away from the the end of the map for better movement efficiency etc..
ok ill try to bled crushed rock. i have seen it done so i can guess.
actually we discused this inverted-dilemma in a map thread, i didnt try it out, but i think you can do, just it wont be NE or NW, but N, then you leave the striking lighter blue and the normal dirt at the margin... it doesnt look that bad
ill try that blending thing, should i replace the custom ramp that works w/ blemded?
for symmetry, i would. it's up to you.
i decided to use the blended terrain stuff. i still need to add doodads and decoration and i might mess around w/ expo placement and whatnot.
In the picture you used the default ramp for NE but crushed for SW, it may not make too big a difference but the ramps face different directions, the part that does matter, you can wall on the crushed ramp, you can't on the default ramp; I would recommend making them both crushed.
Goooood.I like the concept. But you better change some things. The places where you have placed the expos behind the green main are bigger then the places from the other side,both of them. The high basilica looks weird,you don't spend much time on her. And in the end the expos in the middle must be deleted because their are very close and after all whitout them evry Player have more than enough resources (5 expos).
yeah i was thinking about opening up the middle alot by deleting those. maybe ill add a giant custom bridge ^^. and Nightmarjoo i see what u mean, ill make em all crushed rock.
im gonn ahave to blend the crushed rock more, it looks like shit in-game. does anyone know how to keep neutral buildings in the map when ur in a game?

i started it and they were gone...
Half of the custom 'illegal' stuff looks like crap in-game, don't worry too much about that. Remember the attractiveness of a map should come after playability. As for the neutral buildings, I don't use them, I'm not sure; they're not my forte.
you can still wall fine on a twilight ramp, but it wont block lings or small units. the custom ramp wont either so it doesnt matter at all.

-i reblended some of the crushed rock.
-figured out how to keep the neutral buildings
-took out middle expansions
-fixed up the high basillica so it looked nicer. added some more crap to mid.
I think the way you laid down the expos woud lead to a turtling/macro style imo. But its not bad.
please do not use that invert for a min base and leave the other normal.. thats a big no-no lol

actually i have an awesome idea.. ill post it soon :)
Image Hosted by

just focus on the left side of the map.. large amount of potential in this.. i integrated alot of stuff in this version using ur layout.. its unique man gw
modified by NastyMarine
I don't like your version nasty, but it's hard to tell as your picture looks cut off and I got 404 clicking on the image =/; you say just focus on the left side, it's just more standard looking, what's the point?
it eliminates the inverted ramp issue.. it also takes out the turtle style min only and this version is spiced up with 2entrances (but "balanced" a bit) and a cool dropping area ^^

basically just throwing out ideas
imo u kinda fucked it up lol. it looks like there are too many useless ramps now. i really wanted to have the back door effect of bifrost, but you could harass the expo, not the main.. hrmmm. but that is a good idea to get rid of the invertaed ramps... ill play w/ it


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