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Last update for (4)East Stroudsburg : 2006, 08, 07 23:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1448 (4)East Stroudsburg 128*128NastyMarine0.1final

The map has been rated 42 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Work in progress.

Im trying to stay away from a macro map so Im doin my best.. u decide if thats what this map is "macro or micro?" obviously im going to make this symmetric.. and YES i know that means i will be using the inverts but i honestly tried as much as i could to stay away from them :/ im really trying to go back to the default ramps if i can but its tough after using them so much..

I suppose a Z could FE but with great difficulty if vs. an oppenent in the adjacent horizontal position. The thing that helps any type of FE build is the rock wall that blocks direct unit passage to the main. (yes it is ling tested)
Looks really good. Making a micro based map woud 'balance' some matchups like pvz.
As a zerg player I'd chance a 12hatch FE here, worst comes to worse cancel it and 3hatch; this map makes it harder only by being farther away than normal (which is corrected by sending drone sooner, not hard), and by having 2 entrances, frankly that doesn't necessarily do too much I think from theory crafting, rush hour has two entrances, true the nat still defends both, but I've seen for example even zergs expo in the gas expo in azalea which would leave their main undefended, and frankly if testing (or better theory crafting :D) shows that that entrance is too far from the nat, then a simple 3 hatch, 12hatch 11pool 13hatch fixes that, and the build order with 3hatch at 13 isn't much slower than 12 hatch FE.

I like how the map looks, the above wasn't an argument against the map, just against your reasoning that the way it is slows zerg's FE considerably for argument's sake. I think the concepts, that I can see so far that is :D, are good, and probably will help make the map more micro oriented.

A non-sequator, "beta: A map made by yourself that is not finished yet. Maybe the comments to the map help you improve it. (beta!=alpha, the map should already be playable)"
the above you ought to be familiar with, as it says that on the upload page. This map isn't playable yet ^_^

As for your remark that you're trying to go back to default ramps, why? Default ramps are fine but in some cases there is no way to use a default ramp without upsetting the layout of the map too significantly. So people don't like custom ramps, so what? And mr. hypocrite, for trying to use default ramps, you've already used a larger than normal ramp and plan to use atleast three more like that and atleast four more custom ramps total, for trying to quit you're doing an awful job ^_^ =/
Very interesting map, nice layout. I have some ideas on how to promote a "1-base zerg" style and keep the map micro-oriented:

- You could adopt the "Full Moon" expo placement ("Full Moon" is the new 6-player space map they are using for 2v2 pro games in Korea), which is main -> gas-only expo -> mineral-only expo. So you could have a 8 mineral main base, followed by a geyser (probably on the low ground before the bridge), and then the min-only expo.
- Make the main base ramps bigger, then zerg players could attempt some early agressive play (fast lurk for example) or gain an advantage by sneaking in some lings and harassing. PvT wouldn't be much different with larger ramps.
- I think those 4 min-onlies in the middle are a bit too much if you want to make it a micro-map. I'd suggest u replace them with 2 min+gas expos.
modified by GRC-DeathLink
pff now you encourage 3hatch more than ever with a mineral only and gas only; the way it is so far is much better. And full moon's setup doesn't prevent FE at all.
completed the map

let the comments flow!
Looks good, I'd rather have the areas before the nat near that ramp be buildable, but if you want to make it hard for zerg, then keep it that way ^_^.

The island gas could be at the top so you only have to use three workers :D

I like the map overall, I don't really see any problems.
will make that change shortly (middle gas)
This post is not displayed due to its content
lol what could you have said on your own map that would be censored?
i just made it invisible cuz i double posted on accident
modified map
no big changes
re-updated it since hacker screwed it up :/
hmm one distant expo is cool, but arent the middle expansions too close to each other? i think that is never good as terran can turtle and set up a serious camping there
well there isnt much i can do at this point layout wise.. The idea behind this map was to keep it micro oriented and have a different gameplay feel to it.. The nat seems to be a bit far but is doable. The min onlies are kept close to keep the fights going for expos.

This map is really interesting.. I look foward to gaming on it more.
At least the huge distance between the main and nat favors dropping/air harrassing. So that's a plus for your intention of keeping it micro oriented.

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