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Last update for (2)Blue Planet : 2007, 03, 11 15:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1451 (2)Blue Planet 96*96SynDroMe0.1beta

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 5 points


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Created by me, modified and enhached by nGuYeN[aD]
(op clan[ad] / east).

comeon this map has been arround for like 3 months and no one gives a shit. I need comments plz. thx.
i've always said it.. this map has always looked solid.. the gameplay is solid too.

I like the basilica wall instead of those valleys surrounding the mains.. it looks good.

i suggest that u eliminate some of the doodads behind the mineral lines at the island expos and the 8 and 2 oclock expos
ok thx
oh my god I even have to bump this map becuz no one gives a damn.
It's not necessarily that no one gives a damn, personally I can't see anything worth pointing out, I don't see any flaws or anything, what do you want, praises?
yes, bacause that lets me know people like my maps. but If I dont even know if they like it or not, what shoud I make next? I need to know that people like and dislike, so next time I will know what to do.

but aparently thats too much to ask.
modified by SynDrome
Nasty's comments were positive, as were mine, no need to be bitter; look at my newest maps,passage-immortality has like one real comment, and transposition has a few, but they all say the same thing, and I want a few more comments before I make an update on it; it hasn't stayed on the list of maps on the right for more than a few hours I swear
I like your map.Just the basilica still looks a little unnatural.Another posible name for her could be:The Slaughter of the Zerg.'Cause everybody who plays zerg on this map and don't try to rush is stoopid.A paragon of a zerg map.But really a fine one.To be honest the terrans are dead-meat here.I think not even the p-toss have a really great chance,because her size is small.The main thing in the game is Expansion come hell or high water.
What'd you change?

Maybe take out the mineral blocks on the islands so t can land there. Terran could use the advantage on this map, it is fairly anti-terran.

Map looks good, but I'm not sure what you changed.
refresh w/o cahce
I still want to add a tankable cliff behind nat. any thoughts?
that wouldn't be a bad idea. all three races can benefit from it, and it's not hard to beat a cliff. I would say try and make it if you do so that it's just the nat that's being cliffed, not the choke and nat entrance too, then you would really have to worry about the cliff.
wow this map seems to be a lot cooler now than the way i saw it last time
Gas issue:P. Except that I like it and don't have more constructive critics:-).
lol I've been missing the gas issue lately ><
no reason to add any cliffs. terran already dominates small maps.
but maps with low gas count >> terran unless u take islands O_O
modified by SynDroMe

--nGuYeN[aD] vs Diagno[aD](1on1, 1.13)

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