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Last update for (1)Mining : 2006, 08, 15 06:27
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1482 (1)Mining 128*128Diminate0.5experimental

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Thanks to Nightmarjoo, I got interested in gas issue. This is the map I used to do experiment. I think (2)gas_issue is far better than mine, but I upload this map to show the result I found and uploaded in mapdori few days ago.

I made my computer to gain the gas resource for 10 mins in 66 specified positions. I ran this map 5 times and analyzed with Excel

1.Left > Up > Down > Right
Well, this is on the two articles. The gas on the left was the greatest : Average - 196.6 gas/min. And one on the right was the lowest : Average - 177.6 gas / min. The difference is 18.5 gas per min. If you play PvP for 20mins, the player with left gas would have 6~7 more dragoons than one with right gas. However I don't think that affects much, because during 20mins you produce far more than 6~7 dragoons.

2.Even if the gas position is the same, the mining rates of each races are different.

Up - Gas on the upside, Down - Gas on the downside, Left - Gas on the leftside, Right - Gas on the rightside
For example UL3 means the gas is placed on upside 3 pixels left. DC means the gas is placed on downside straitly under the center.
Black line - Terran
Purple line - Zerg
Yellow line - Protoss
Skyblue line - Average

Generaly, protoss shows low rate of gas mining.
Left side has shown almost no deviation in the rate.
However, in case of UR3, T mined 36.3 gas/min more than P. For 3 mins, T produce 1 more tank while p cannot make 2 more dragoons(still I don't think this is big difference, because you produce far more units during 3mins)
While P has shown the lowest mining rate in most of the gas position, it has shown the greatest mining rate of the three races on Downside gas position. And T has shown the lowest mining rate on the Downside; I found that there is delay of SCV near the refinary placed on downside.
In case of Z, the lowest rate has shown in DL3 and DL2, but always in the middle in the other positions.

In conclusion, even though you are worried in the gas balance, you should not just place the gases in the same position. Leftside positions or UL1 and UC positions are the place with the lowest rate difference among the three races.
And also you would say that there is favor in gas position for each races. T would like gas on the upside and rightside, P would like one one the downside, and Z would have no preference but would not like the some upside positions or rightside.
However, the greatest difference was about less than 40 / min. At least 2mins is needed to show some changes, but you produce far more units to cover it. If the gas affect very much, the winning rate among the starting position would be clearly different.
On the other hand, you would think of the case when you have several expos. If one player get 3~4 gases with good mining rate and the other get 3~4 gases with bad mining rate, the difference would be 150 gas/min at most. Well, this would be a considerable difference.

I linked the excel file at the end of this comment.
modified by Diminate
great work
Nicely done, especially presenting it with excel. This gives it an look-here-is-the-proof touch, so that nobody has any doubts^^
But your yalues are pretty much the same as mine, so, good work!

Again, the url is to long. Please make it a link. (Arden...? :P)

66 specified positions... So 33 per race. Well, there definately is a total of 50 (of those neares to CC of course), so you left out a few.

Hehe, a funny way of stopping those workers :D But mine can be used again ;) Also, I would not use AI scripts because they are not really reliable... But it "should" be neglectable in 10 minutes.

Well, I suggest to use my map next time (you are free to modify it of course), though it might be a little harder to find all the various positions :p
modified by spinesheath
wow. This is impressive. I was confused a little by the graphs, but I'm tired. Very professionally done. I didn't realize that race made a difference. Sucks being protoss haha. I would say a difference of 1 goon or 1 tank makes a huge difference, early and late game.
blizzard shoud read this.
plz put down-left three gas since then, so that pvz would be balanced :D

i will try it with minerals soon
uh... 66 positions means 22 per race, not 33...

and i really want to see this further, but the link leads to an empty page with no download initiating...

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