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Last update for (4)TheArtist 1.3 : 2006, 08, 12 16:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1490 (4)TheArtist 1.3 128*128[7x]Spitfire0.7final

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 34 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hmm, inverted ramp @ 9, smaller mains and more open center. Did I miss out anything important?
How comes the change? I can't remember the mains being too big. It looks pretty empty now imo - especially the water -, I guess you are not finished with decoration yet?
From the gameplay, I don't really see any huge differences, from the looks, I agree with flo...
1. I Don't like inverted ramps. They usually make it harder to wall.
2. I think all mains should be in the corners, entirely, as anything else would screw up pathing if you click too far.
3. I think the positions are quite far, which was already true on Artist I. Anything you can do about that?
It's kinda difficult to have the starting positions closer together AND to put them into the corners.

Anyways, you always should have an eye on your scout anyways, so you can redirect it when you misclick. And once you have scouted the enemy it shouldn't be THAT hard to click on the right spot.

But I agree on the inverted ramps. It was fine before, so why change it?
first version was better in my opinion
i especially liked the halfly-muddled, but interesting middle.. now it looks like luna's empty middle

oh no it doesnt... look what he did to the middle, he fucking mass doodaded it -_- it was bad enough before, now you cant even move on it :(
im confused :S
its only just eight posts you mean those? :O
I'm pretty sure you can walk on the circle things, inept
oh wrong doodad my bad,

phew ^^
I'm not only pretty sure, I KNOW you can walk on these. It almost looks as if you should get more gaming practice, Inept :p
But those doodads really are not _that_ beautiful, especially when massed like that. It already looked terrible on (2)Ode to the Sun, and now there are even more of them...

Edit: Blub, you were faster Inept ;)
modified by spinesheath
haha Inept owned :P
i dont see why u made a different version.. u shulda just modified the last one.

That particular invert is no good.. it doesnt have the same length as the normal ramps do.. take a look at Nazca or Mother Love for better examples. also make sure that the top of the ramps are unbuildable so u can wall it off correctly.

*how much should i stress to make sure those bridges are friggen walkable?* seems as tho u did, tho i didnt open it in scmdraft to fully make sure of the correction.

i agreee with flo that the first map is better.

but i think we all can agree that it was nice to see u balance it (or try to anyways) ^^
i game plenty, i just dont stare at doodads :[

ill be glad to pwn you though ^^
Spitfire, you still forget one issue for balance, and this is the room that u let behind the minerals on each main. Blues and purps mains are a lot more easyer to attack whit mutes behind the minerals while the other two locations are more safe from air units, because you can't move behind the minerals on red and teal, there is just no room.

Also the inverted ramp is a bad idea, but anyway a shorter distance to the low ground on this location was a need.

On a look I > II.
On balance II > I.

But you better make III to balance all issues. I might find more if i look closer...
exactly what LGI said. map looks way plain now (lol) maby add some shit on middle, im ok with the rest.
OO That's too much of a change OO
X_X revert!
wow great changes, but the different harassable mains that LGI mentioned are still a small problem

perhaps moving the mineral lines in blue's and purp's main inside the base?
I don't like it anymore TT
the new changes make the map a lot cooler.
Nobody cares about the different harassable mains.Just look at luna.

This version is a lot better than 1.0 imo.The islands that were connected to the main were very annoying.
The mains @ luna are equally harassable. The important thing is how far they are from the border of the map/how big the angle is that your mutalisks (mostly) can move in. On Luna, it's 180 on every position. On this map, there are positions where you have a movement angle of 360...
for the bottom left (the most harassable mineral line) you can alleviate the situation by placing more space behind the mineral line so a player can better defend it.
Or you simply put it to the left border. Would be better imo.
its alot better now. It has changed alot
A lot of small fixes have been done to 1.3:
- mains moved towards the edges of the map
- equal building space on minonlies
- equal building space near bridges (teal and blue had unwalkable doodads and red had rocky ground before bridge)
- ramp at 7 changed to NSIJR (New Sexy Inverted Jungle Ramp)
- perfect wall-in on 7'h
- fixed all possible tankholes in the mains and islands
- some shit with mineral placement

anyways, good changes, i like it a lot more :)
hehe ^_^
keep it up spit. =)

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