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Last update for (2)Anything But This : 2010, 01, 03 12:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1488 (2)Anything But This 128*128Cosmi0.2beta

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 10 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

oh i like the natural placement, you have done something that was in my mind for a long time :)

but i fear that the bottom expos shouldnt be there.. there is too many easily secureable expansions and the fact that is not many routes here makes terran a bit stronger

also all the center expos are harder to keep for p and z versus terran opponent
no where to build
very cool layout but idk how flank friendly the center is. But it doesnt look like there is a big issue with it.

I think u shuld widen the passage to the top/middle expo (check GMCS)

what is the exact main to main unit movement/travel?

and like 1nept said, where are the players supposed to build? i think u shuld stretch the layout.. since there is alot of unused space in the upper region of the map.
modified by NastyMarine
somehow cool, but too tight...and the natural/minonly setup makes turteling the strategy to win
half the map is empty space -_-
I like this map a lot, but I agree with everything they've said, too tight and no room to build. It reminds me of azalea, defending the mineral only can defend the main and other expo, lot's of resources all at once; essentially what flo said.
hmhm, risky setup. no pathing problems in early, but going to midgame could be tricky. but i think the idea is cool and fits in the map (wouldnt fit in most). so i would try this barrier-thing. it really makes gameplay special
Yeesss!!This is a kind of a map I'm lookin' for.Not some awesome copy from a older map.Or worse a fake like Naz(i)ca.A good new idea with esprit and a challange for the "new micro wave".I see here just one problem:the main's are too small.Try to change this.
Umm, I'd say the mains are fine now after the last update. Not big, but playable, and especially big enough for a micro-intensive map. Ok, don't make them smaller of course, but don't enlarge them a lot.
I'd prefer it if the starting positions wer move a little to the bottom. That would open up some more space (you don't want to build factories below your mineral line) and this would also expose the mineral line some more to drops/muta harrass.
still, the center need to be opened
Before you can post any comments you need a acount plus password.After this you must be logged in.After this you can post evry time.Okidoki?
Cosmi, send panschk a PM. I can't think of anything else...
I wasn't able to post before, so I couldn't comment my own map... but I can and here I am.

It's my first map I have ever shown to public and I'm quite fond of it. I haven't got it heavily tested yet, but I tried to follow tested schemata and trends, so I hope it's playable, at least after applying your suggestions.

About the upper (unused) part - I couldn't easily resize the map to 128x96 as I wanted, so I decided to fill it with such pattern - and it is quite pretty I believe and I don't wanna change it any way.

The second nat (min-only) has 3 patches of 1500 and 3 of 500, so it's worth getting and securing but doesn't give a steady source of minerals, which would help to turtle.

The paths from naturals to the upper land expo are blocked by 4 patches of 80 to make things like vulture harass harder to do. It's a new addition so I haven't tested it yet for the path-finding issues. The paths are also unbuildable.

And about opening the centre - I'm thinking about the best way to do it.

I appreciate your (constructive) critics, thanks.

And thanks to panschk for enabling me to comment:-).
Well, you could remove the outmost ring of space-holes, or you could move the whole circle a little to the bottom. Or - you create an entirely new design.
good map. too bad they already said everythying I was going to say lol
I've widened the lower part of the ring and opened a little the bottom expos (+ a little decorating).

Oh, I can also widen the upper part of the ring, why not...Done
A larger update - redecorated, so it fits quite better into that square+circle theme; mains moved a little lower to make harass easier - I've made sure that siege tanks from below can't reach CC nor workers; bottom expos are now at the oposite side - tanks from main cannot hit it and it's a little less safe from attacks; it can now be taken by the player from the opposite side.

I will have it better tested for PvZ tonight I hope.
I like this. No complaints
Lol this map is pretty unbalanced with modern metagame
good thing that the map is a century old huh ? -.- stop bumping old maps
modified by LasTCursE

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