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Last update for (2)Sonic Firestorm_v1.0 : 2006, 08, 10 23:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1486 (2)Sonic Firestorm_v1.0 128*96VomiT0.5beta

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 24 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

no decoration yet.
>you can't build on the thin entrance to the main, or the area around the ramps at the bottom middle expo.
wow i really enjoy seeing ur layouts. they are original and very interesting to say the least.

Great ideas.

ill comment more later
the main/nat setup is really interesting but i think the rest of the map is severely lacking. this could be awesome if it was incorporated into a better map.
tell me what needs fixing.
Well to tell the truth, its is very intersting, but everyrace will have a hard time securing the bottom expos

specific m.u problems:
in TvP .. terran will never be able to expo in the lower region.. all the scvs and units will be intercepted by protoss forces easy.. and due to the big center, it makes it even harder.

In ZvT, Z will have the same problem as T does in TvP.

i really cant elaborate too much on PvZ but i suspect P wuld have a hard time as well.

maybe downsizing the map to 128 width X 96 hieght ... and just squeeze the lower region a bit .. as it is there mite be too many expos for a 1v1 map imo

but i do like it.. with some modifications, it can become a really nice map
modified by NastyMarine
as I said the main/nats are cool, but then the rest of the map is just a giant void of nothingness.
i dont really understand the main nat setup. is that small passage blocked by a bunch of doodads or what?

if that passage is accessable i could see a lot of matchups fucked right there...

i think its nice were getting micro maps and different stuff, but you have to remember the basics of 1v1.
it's covered with doodads to make it unbuildable, but you can still walk on it.
what about a mineral barrier below the ramps leading to the natural? that would also help Z fe, because after chokehatch below the main path you can mine the wall fastly and proceed with 3rd hatch at expo
i don't quite understand you, pls make a gmc.
exelent layout and well balanced.

PvZ: Zerg cant fast expand as easly, becuz zealots can just run down the other entrance. But 9 pool builds shoud be quite annoying, but not hard to stop.

in tvz I dont really know what shoud happen, and I dont see any problems in pvt. good job.
In pvz I see intensive ling harrass with 12 pool 12 hatch at nat 12 gas build. Unless the protoss goes proxy he won't be able to to any harm to z (distance too long for normal 2 gate rush against 12 pool). Of course z got a problem once p gets 8-10 zeals and breaks harrass. He should hope to have a hatch covering both chokes from the ouside by then.

tvz: zerg can't expand, terran will be able to get enough marines early enough to hold 9 pool. Hatch at nat is useless, hatch at choke inside may be an option when going fast muta, but falls easily to tank/rine

tvp: proxy 2 gate zeal will own. Tech to goon and gg (inverted ramp = requiem effect). But of course it's do or die. Later, t can take small path (pretty nice for setting up some tanks/mines) and kill exp (or is it too far? Well, he'll block all exits then, so who cares^^)

So, well, though tvz seems imbalanced to me, it may be pretty balanced.
But I am pretty sure - if the players are not both bunkering - that the bottom part of the map won't be used in most games. They will end too soon.

Imo a nice micro map.
thats a nice, interesting map
work on the natural placement, it should not disfavor any race, but the idea is great!

and yes as the other comments said the bottom is like unnecessary here, the players will destroy each other earlier

modified by Antares
so i guess we decided on chopping the bottom part of the map off. i'll do it, and make some small changed in the morning. thanks for everyone's help.
"tvp: proxy 2 gate zeal will own. Tech to goon and gg"

I dont really agree with that. if its a micro map, terran can just go 1 rax mnm + epxo or 2 rax mnm like in tvz, I dont see the problem with going bio vs P since its a MICRO map.

I agree with everything else tho =]
I don't think you really stand a chance with 1 rax rine vs double proxy zeal unless your micro is FAR beyond the others. So you'd at least have to go for 2 rax. Well, ok, since it is easy to scout a proxy on this map, that should be no problem. But still, could be hard for terran.
I just though about this... If you cheese some more in pvt... inverted (requiemish) ramps and cannons are deadly versus mnm. But the only place where you can set up the cannons is too far from the second choke... Well, at least this map can be VERY cheesy.

chopping it off sounds drastical ;) Well, hope you keep a backup, I wonder how it will turn out.
modified by spinesheath
updated, should i add gas to the bottom corner expos? should i make the cliff at bottom mid smaller so that you cant cliff the expos above them?
Since it already is a micro-map, I think cliffable expos are fine. Especially when the cliff is not only accessible by air.
I's rather suggest to enlarge the walkable area to enable lurker/temp(/cannon?) harrass as well. I think you can only do very litte damage with those as it is now.

Oh and nicely chopped. Imo it doesn't feel like something is missing ;)
added in GMCS where a minwall could be installed. it is only an idea which would make early game possible to survive, while still having a chance to expo appropriate quickly

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