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Last update for (2)Echo II : 2006, 12, 27 14:24
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1484 (2)Echo II 128*128epidiOn0.8final

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 44 points


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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

Okay, so I'm trying to come back to mapping, but I can't start maps, so I had Nick make me a main/nat layout and I finished it from there.

The min only is the same idea as my min only on Chimera, but instead, if you take the back side of the mins, you can mine a depleted geyser. It's not much, but it adds a bit mroe gas to your econ, but it makes your min line a bit more vulnerable.

I tried to do a lot of bridges and alternate routes etc.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Check GMCS for some of my other ideas.
modified by epidiOn
looks unbalanced in matchups like TvP, TvZ.

P and Z need the expos to keep up with terrans 2 base econ if they fast expo.
not enough expos yea..
I'm trying to focus on more of a micro map, but the distances don't quite agree, so I'll probably end up giving in and making mass expo :P.

I'm going to add an expo where I put it on the GMCS with 5 minerals with each at like 2500, and a geyser.
great map!
that conversed expo at 3 is vvvvery nice :)

perhaps doing the 3 and 9 expos onlymineral would help a bit against terran
Or would this version be better? Added an expo with 5 minerals at 2500 each and a geyser at 7500.

modified by flothefreak
if you really want to make it interesting, you could try a min only main?

this map has a great layout. likin it alot.

Still i'd like to see elevated catwalk at 3 and 9 instead of highplatform just to change it up a bit :P

and u forgot to place gas at 7 o clock island expo :D
modified by NastyMarine
No I didn't, it's just the mapconverter being stupid. Blue's main also doesn't have gas on the pic. Retarded :P.

But here's some updates, what do you guys think of these:
1. Making the ramps leading to the back of the min only skinny ramps, like the 815 ramps.

2. Combining those middle bridges.

modified by flothefreak
skinny ramps make it more interesting in the early game you could play the map as an island map or an early expo (P) is very effective with these type of ramps.. though if you add them, it is a dramatical change

and that wide-bridge is a little crappy.. i think it would work well with the same-length bridges
(you know just put a platform tile)
definetly dont do the wide bridges. way overused and you got a map here without using any fancy gimmicks, Gj!

also dont do skinny ramps. keep it like this with the extra expo and just make it look cooler now

I don't think that small ramps would change anything, because you can hit the mineral line from the outside as well. At least the effect is minimal (well, blocks DTs if it is really the same size as 815)

But the ramp really looks great. Imo the cutest customized ramp I have ever seen :)

I also vote against the large bridge - it looks horrible (and not because of the tiles that don't fit).
Okay, well Nick suggested that I do stairs for the entrance to the side platforms, and ramps for the entrance into the back of the min only. So workers/zeals/rines can go up the stairs, but goons/tanks can be dropped on the platform and can walk into the expo to attack/defend it.

The only reason I'm thinking of doing the combined bridges are because the middle is actually kinda the smallest point in the map, and that would open it up a bit. But you guys are right, if I'm going to do it that way, I have to use the same size bridges on each side so they combine nicely without that last layer not sync'ing up.

NOTE: The tiny little customized ramp doesn't let SCV's up, so I made a wider version (still smaller than normal) but it would let tanks/goons up, so I'm jsut using the normal ones.

Here's a version of the map with both the stairs and the widened bridges, but I haven't fixed the bridges to make them look right yet. I'll do it when I get home from work though.

EDIT: I'm going to re-do the middle, I'm not very pleased with it right now.
modified by epidiOn
modified by flothefreak
I am pretty sure you can fit goons and stuff up these stairs. Takes some patience, though. I guess Ultras are the only ones that don't fit up there, but can't tell for sure.
Edit: I just tried in SCMD2, and you can place tanks and even ultralisks on those stairs in a way that would make me assume they can walk up there^^
And dragoons definatly fit up there.

Hmm I think you got a pretty nice large middle that is split into two parts. You have two alternative routes to walk past the "tight" passage. So I don't think the middle NEEDS do be widened up.
modified by spinesheath
you could only squeeze up goons and tanks on right sided stairs if you place a zealot at the end of the stairs.. it is confusing and one wont take the time with this, so placing stairs can be a difference i guess
Well, what for - goons kann shoot from the other side :)
So everybody thinks I should keep the bridges the way they are in the original map?

Anybody have any other ideas for the map? I was trying to get there to be more side passages to get around the middle, like Rubi, but with the positions of the main, it didn't work so well.

Okay, new version has new middle, the bridges and the stairs. I also have a few reps I'll upload in a bit, but they're all PvT :P. Oh well.

Also, almost all expos have 7 mineral patches, so the map runs out a bit faster, so it isn't a total macro war.

I've also made solar array pretty near some of the expos, so you can't build 8 sunks or cannons or bunkers, but you can still build a few. Kinda like on Rubi.
modified by epidiOn
I don't think you can say Rubi has side passages around the middle - there are side passages, but they all lead into the middle.

The bridge is - well, kinda fucked up on the picture ;)
K, well fixed the picture.
I'm liking the design in the middle ^^ gw with this one.
cliffs positioned the way they are, do you really think its possible to use them? on top of that, you make it so you can mine the mineral and just walk over and stop it?

iirc those stairs behave differently when facing different directions, which may cause a positional imbalance.
Cool concept but I don't like the large middle bridges, they don't seem to serve a big purpose, could just be filled with space, I think that'd be more interesting. Nice map though, gj.
You should fix the size of the picture of the big bridge, the MOTW-label looks bad ;)
epidiOn pls contact me @ ICQ: #253693864 or MSN


--epidiOn vs S.O)Vincent(1on1, 1.14p)
--prOxi.StarryH vs prOxi.Ion(1on1, 1.14p)
--prOxi.StarryH vs prOxi.Ion(1on1, 1.14p)

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