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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Thx to everyone who tried to make the inverted ramp, but i steal the ramp from one of Diminate maps and thats why he is also involed in this map.
good map..iwouldnt change anything
I would change something ;) The ramp I marked (or will mark) in GCMS is easily fixed. You forgot some simple tiles at the top of it.

Apart from that, I really don't like the looks of those inverted ramp. But there are no better examples in the Map DB :(
modified by spinesheath
Heh, what an eye ;) . Thx, i will fix it in the next update.

I threw some time in and tried to give your large inverted ramp some face-lifting. I think I succeeded at least a little. The top one is mine, the bottom one the original (proven by the miss of a doodad on the bottom picture).
That doodad was the only thing that hindered you from leaving the ramp on the side ;)
I put to most effort on securing a nice pathfinding, the high ground/low ground is not tested actually, but I'd be surprised if I made a mistake on this.
My version is still a mere mod of Diminate's ramp, so props to him.

You're free to use parts of it or the whole bridge. Or you keep it as it is, it might just as well be that you like Diminate's version better. There is no way to make it perfect, that's for sure ;)
If you want the modified map file, I can temporarily upload it in one of my map threads.

Maybe I'll modify the small inverted ramps as well... pretty certain, actually ;)
modified by spinesheath
Ya, i know it's not looking well. Like i said before i am not good at all at inverted ramps... Or those single tile sets. I search for the right one every time but i never do it right... I will gladly accept the file, you will surly save me a lot of time to search for the right tile sets. You can send it to my e-mail or ICQ if you like...

ICQ# 289478142

The small ramps took just a couple of minutes, since I now know quite well what tiles to use and what I am capable of with these ramps. I am not really satisfied, but I guess it'd be too much effort for too little improvements now ;)

I'll check if you are on ICQ, and if not, you'll recieve an Email.
modified by spinesheath
Well.. Map is updated, thx to spinesheath the inverted ramps are now fixed and they look way better than before. Actually after this there should be three names in the "author" but it would be very long :) .

Anyway thx, spinesheath!
modified by panschk[FP]
good map, interesting design. shoud play well overall and with minor problems. Aill that it needs is testing. GJ
Removed the pics ;)
Why is there a red "a" in LGI's last post? :P
Ok, now i started to test the map, soon there will be more reps and i will see if they are any issues. If someone would like to test - PM me.
panschk[FP] is fixing my english :)
You should have a native speaker do that ;)
Well, Panschk's English is very good, though, and actually I noticed that especially people from the US often have worse English than most others :D
Not all of us thank you ^_^ I can speak english quite well.

Why are the mains so barren and plain? Other than that no complaints, I like the map.
Well, i don't want any platinium platform in mains, and then i saw that there is no other high terrain and there is no doodads :( .
why no plating? it would look much cooler than platform
Nice Job LGI.
red's main seems smaller
So does teal's. But that probably is only an effect of the gas placement (the map is mirrored if my eyes don't fool me) and the difference is not as big as to cause imbalances.
looks great! 10/10. but there is one thing i noticed. zerglings can sneak thru red and purple base behind the expansions there. easily fixed
True. I suggest pushing the "holes" a little to the border, making a "double-hole" out of the one in the middle.
WOW! Thx i will fix this, pf...

Fix the issues whit the lings...
Obs version.

It is a shame, ppl wanted to use this map in leagues, but the obs version does not even work.
It's a shame that they don't even let us know about this. It's not that i will want a credit for using my map, i only want some fucking replays, is that so much to ask? And if they told me about this i would see and fix the problem don't you think?
While we are still on the wave of "air-map-concept" see this pleace.
LGI what the fuck. Why did you disable some upgrades in the observer version??
Couldn't up lurks, oppo couldn't up mines or siege.
@pansck don't care,you will never find such kind of maps in any serious can use her rather for some intern matches between ciclops
-_- nightmarjoo vs inept.the event of the year
modified by Grief_Stricken
please at least pay for a translator if your going to use one. your free Russian to english translator sucks a 'ciclop'
sorry for the -y- mr.cYclops.i'm not more russian than you.ciclops logic?!?
What the fuck is a Ci/yclop? T_T
a giant with one eye.the most believe they are story-creatures but actualy today i meet two of them has admin rights and manipulate competitions here.
modified by Grief_Stricken
Wow, i will check if this is my obz version at all...

I use the same triggers at all maps, so this shouldn't be any different from the others. Thx for noticing this issue i will fix it soon.
The triggers don't do anything to the Upgrades and Abilities settings. Might be that SCMD2 added its deal of bugs. Did you start that map in SCMD2?

I made the whole map in SE as i always do, the ramps are from you and i guess you were the only one who open the map in SCMDraft :)
Yeah, I made them in SCMD2. But normally SCMD2 does not "corrupt" that section except for older versions on creating a new map.
I didn't use SF or any other program for this at all, if one was to blame another tool.

So, well, dunno...

--LGI vs Statics[bo](1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs U4eNi4kAta(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs RestOfLaMeR(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs ela_na_kaka(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs JohnnyBravo(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs JohnnyBravo(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs JohnnyBravo(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs JohhnyBravo(1on1, 1.14)

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