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Last update for (2)Cold Dogs 2.0 : 2006, 08, 14 23:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1510 (2)Cold Dogs 2.0 128*128--v|mOsQ0.4final

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 22 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

a bit rigged for terran... but it seems like a good map
wow! I like it a lot! Dynamic gameplay awaited here, very micro-focusing early game, later then you can develop a decent macro. Good.
What is that blocking mineral in the top-left/bottom-right corners good for? Is it at least more than 8 Minerals?

And to me it seems hard to get up a decent macro since there is little space to put your factories, and you don't want to put them where 12 cracklings can tear them down anytime.
modified by spinesheath
[lame me :)]
modified by Antares
Nono, not the ones in the base, but those at the expansions in the corners.
good but unplayable ^^
wow great layout and very original, but there are too many expos for a simple 1v1 map. And what are the mineral blocks for on the expos near the corners of the map?


get rid of the highground expos in the corners of the map.. it will give more space for larger army battles trying to push towards the mains, also it will help the expo count in general.

also get rid of the mineral onlies at 10 and 4 to help out the expo count. that way u can distribute the other double gas expos toward the edge of the map at those locations.

i like the main/natural idea, but there is just not enuff room for making building in ur bases. I'll show gmcs to maybe open up the mains.

all in all, i really like this map, but it needs some touch ups as i suggested above .. gw
i hardly agree.. but yes it needs some/many modifications.
LGI, thx for your opition. But ignore, sorry :( You think that only your stupid top-bottom and left-right symmetric 4-players maps are playable ? Gl.

NastyMarine, it's just new version of one of my first maps, without old issues and mistakes. I don't think that i will update this map... Mb later.
well you should, its a decent map.. those minor changes would make this map even better.
I am just too lazy to gather all your comments from BWMN and PGT about every map that is not yours to see where this "unplayble" (very long and usefull comment) come from, you little rat.
It certainly looks GREAT... but I agree with others, there's not enough place for buildings in main and a little too many expos.
Why there is unbuildable rocky terrain in the outer circles of mains? You could easily free that and make more place for factories/gates. By now it's unplayable.

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