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Last update for (4)Conquest of Dune : 2010, 06, 02 21:36
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
158 (4)Conquest of Dune 128*128Panschk[FP]0.9final

The map has been rated 65 times and got a total of 60 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

As posted as an other comment, i dont like these straight lines elsewhere than on a Space or Installation tileset. But that's not what this comment is about ^^

I don't get the use of the second gas in the base's back, what is it for? i'd guess that a Zerg would play FE, 3rd hatch at the gas in the back, and then Muts>all, but i may be wrong. (i would like to download the replay but my BW is still fucked up :/)
The extra gas in the middle are fine to me. The big fighting area in the middle looks good too, but the mineral expansion in the middle, well, I hate those, others might have other opinions about it.
Last little thing i was wondering are these little drop-places near the islands?! guess for the looks :)

Balancing and the expansions look good, should be a fun map to play.
I dont get the "muts>all" part :P I rine without medics in vanilla original and steamroll zerg. In BW its even hillarious. If you can rine, as you have to do in vanilla, in BW, then muts will never ever have a chance.
The muts>all part is about zerg getting a 2nd gas too easily and being too safe. 2 gas mutas is insane. That gas back there might be okay PvZ (toss can take it and rape maybe!) if the main has 9 patches, but it makes Z>T definitely.
The extra gas will not help toss but zerg in a pvz. Building an extra nexus is too much of an expense for the extra gas early/mid game, and therefore any advantage the protoss may have of the extra gas, the zerg enjoys to a further extend.

Positions are pretty close if 7/10 or 2/5. I don't think these ramps are wallable as they are now, and tvp might be really hard early game on close positions. But perhabs the choke right before the ramp can be walled?

I still don't fancy your mins placement at islands. Reconsider!

Otherwise, looks very balanced, LT-alike, and functional. Besides from the extra gas (which favors z), it lacks a tweak to make it a different map, imo.
Close positions are anti zerg afaik. And they are close, so it is possible to play against zerg on the map imo. The ramps are wallable, I'm pretty sure because I played the map a couple of times. It really played well as fasr as I can remember. The 2. gas is pro-zerg, but I don't think is that imbalanced that other races need a drastic skillgap to win.
This map gives off an LTish feel.
honestly i suppose zerg to have an advantage versus terran, because of the extra gas
when the zerg goes for a 10 exp 9 pool you won't rush it down and then he can get a third hatch (whenever he wants to) and go for three gas muta to lurk switch, which will be really hard for terran to defend
otherwise i don't see any problems for protoss versus zerg on this map
Well TvZ ain't that imho, because the distances are not that big, you can pressure the zerg quite well. Are you sure about pvt? was expecting to hear it is unfair in this mu, on the other hand mass temps are thx;)
I think widening the choke out of the 1st nat one degree & taking out the bonus gas would make this a much better map.

--Panschk[FP] vs nK)Corvus(1on1, 1.12)

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