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Last update for (4)MilkyWay : 2006, 05, 05 16:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
159 (4)MilkyWay 128*128Panschk[FP]0.6final

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 40 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

That's an experiment: Every geysire has only a value of 500 gas. So gas is really lacking, that changes the gameplay a lot, but unfortunatly balancing is not perfect (P>T, T>>Z, P>=Z imo)
The design is interesting and quite appealing. You like the unnatural look, do you? :) However there are way to few gasnodes on the map to pull such an experiment imo.. It would have been 1 thing if there were many new nodes that you continously had to take to keep the production going ((8)turbo-style), But right now You only goes short on gas, and that doesnt prove very much unfortunately :(
Hehe, first of all, this idea should be made with a map called DUNE or somethin' ;)

Well, this thing with 500 gas, i'd quote a wel known comic and say: "cut the bullshit moses, and take the bath". There are way to few geysirs on the map to "start the experiment". If you leave this idea behind and correct the gas amount, then it's a good map.

I'm missing something, the min-onlys, and i don't like the mineral placement. Every expansion is on the map edges, so the middle looks really empty. Also it's lacking of doodads, but it's a beta and i recognized that ;) And i'm missing some more tactical possibilities, i.e. cliffs.

Anyway, as it is now, i'd just give it a 3.5, because of the reasons above.
No need to have a mediocre map that is like every other map. That's why I changed the value for gas. The main concern here should be how to balance a low-gas map, not the number of doodads.
worth playing. looks good. no glaring flaws. A+
As said, you'd need more nodes to balance it out panschk. Even then, 500 gas may be to harsh on gas reliant games. But playtesting should reveal that.
the low gas probably helps z>p and t>p and t>z. playtesting could get it just right. i like that you're trying to find something that works other than the old 5000/5000/0 or 5000/0/5000
Do 2500 , 2500 , 2500
"the low gas probably helps z>p and t>p and t>z. playtesting could get it just right."

I agree to this. in PVZ, gas is needed for having a chance against zerg mass ->psistorm, archs.
in pvt, just look up the no-gas-units: vults vs zealots :[
and T cannot do carrier or psistorm as well, because he will need goons
Oh no, attack of the ignorants T_T

2 low gas = almost enough for non stop goon, but almost no tanks at all. No how du vults do against goons? Tests showed that TvP is quite hard actually, TvZ is next to unplayable for zerg though.
yeah, you're right i guess. natural should be easy to hold in pvt (more goons than tanks)
i think it will really work out, so i take back my t>p-statement.
Nice map! I do think, however, that maybe you should open up the map somehow (though the design as it is now is lovely, but it might have to be done..

If ZvT really is unplayable, I'd suggest decreasing the amount of minerals in main (this hurts T a lot).

Vultures don't do too badly vs goons when there's a lot of them (same when there's not a lot on either side) of them (on nost most T's will go like 1 or 2 fac tank, with 6+ factories pumping vultures ;)) and there's a bit of space for them to attack the goons from an arch.
Actually I'm not sure about opening up the map, it looks a bit more open than I first though :O

What needs opening up are the land expansions at 12 and 6, + maybe make the center matter? Because as it is now I don't think the center will be used that much..
the dentist
with so little gas terran will win, terrain being tight doesn't help either.

--panschk[FP] vs tombombalin[FP](1on1, 1.12)

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