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Last update for (5)Templar Castes : 2008, 07, 14 06:53
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1601 (5)Templar Castes 128*128NastyMarine1.6final

The map has been rated 80 times and got a total of 131 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

I finally made a map again :)

I really wanted to do this idea for awhile, and with the idea that sprang up about limiting mineral patches, i decided to incorporate that into this map.. nothing crazy new, but there are alot of nice things thruout the map.

ok the main/nat/minonly is as follows:


i used this mainly to change it up, but i was also wondering how it would effect games in general. And since there is a difference in the mineral counts, maybe it is possible to 1v1 on this map?


I gave it the name Templar Castes b/c of the different tribal signs i put into each base.. each main has a designated sign, and each color corresponds with a specific type of tribe (which came from the SC manual). Also the middle has the last tribe, which was the tribe closest to Xel Naga.. and i also thought it would be cool to put a few buildings into the mix :)

Other than that, should be sound. comments and suggestions appreciated
holy crap really good 5 player map this deserves a W00T W00T.
very good I like ^^
Rather nice... those buildings in the middle are a little weird though... I think if I was playing on this, I'd figure they were actually some other player's.
so far the map plays nicely, i expect lots of fun and competitive games out of this map
I would:

Delete the buildings in center.
Add more minerals blocks to main/nat/minonly, because you've made a 5 players map. Which means that one day someone might play a FFA whit 5 players on it, and whith so little minerals the game won't be fun at all.

Trust me there will be FFA games whit 5 players on the map. At least in my server Headoff i often find people to play this game mode.

Also in 2v2 game the resurs will be also not enought.

If you don't believe me try a few 2v2 games on your map longer then 30 minutes.
this is sort of like nightmare of you minus the mineral onlys with 5 billion minerals.
LGI thats the whole point of the map low money...5 player FFA would be great on this, a lot of micro involved
low amounts of money per expansion lead to a zerg advantage - keep that in mind.

And a 5 player FFA never ever turns out to be microish... Some little drops/dts and such while you tech up. It's always the same.
Hey i am zerg!
very good execution
spinesheath i FFA all the time and you have no idea what your talking about. games always come down to some guy like hallucinating his carriers vs some wraiths or some guy getting a good nuke to win the game
oh and btw congratulations on not using any custom ramps lol^^
"oh and btw congratulations on not using any custom ramps lol^^"

:P :D :))))))))))))))
custom ramps are good -_-
custom ramps = the pwnage

embrace change ok?
custom ramps are for idiots that arent smart enough to make maps without them
if u say so
Have you fixed those mistakes I pointed out in the tribal symbols? Definitely your custom terrain copy-pasting has some problems; there are quite a few squares that just don't line up.
Well, all the FFAs I play end up me killing all the non-toss players with dt drop, the toss players teching to carriers, me going speedscouts with attacks, and of course me winning the game.
The last 20 FFAs I played were all this way.

Well except for the one I played with ex ash.illu and some of his friends recently, where I was zerg. I dropped some lurx, retreated, dropped them to the next enemy, retreated and dropped the first one again. Then mass muta + grades, mass expansions, all enemys but illu were dead, he had 3-3 hyds, swarm and plague, so I simply went mass ultralisks. gg lol.
lol you must play with idiots if they lose to DT drops.
Tell that to fayth
he is an idiot :/
Well, since everyone is trying to tech with minimal defense in FFA and sees the other protosses go for carriers, I can drop in a dt, make him waste his scans, and "kill" him. Well, not actually kill him most of the time, but doom them.
With the following scout tech, I am prepared for lots of carriers...

By the way, there are MANY good players that lose to dt drops. Not all the time, but a decent dt drop can hurt A LOT. And it's not like I can't micro my dts.

But we are going off topic, trust me that my FFAs are like this, and leave it at that.
any more comments?
Well, since it is a very standard map, everything has been said already...
just seen it on the motw, but i noticed a small problem (if it's even a problem)

the three nats in the top left corner have a longer way from nat exp to main ramp, more of a choke. i noted it on gmcs.
i dont think it posts much of a threat gameplay wise.. it is a slight positional imbalance, but nothing that effects games in the long run.
Great map. That's all I have to say. I love these kinds of maps. Just original, fun maps that I'm sure I will play many great games on. I don't play much SC anymore, but when I do I want it to be on maps like this. :)
I would love this map if it werent for those buildings >_<

Eh, I guess I'll just send my worker scout to kill them early game so that I don't have to look at them later
king of 8 plr maps
Well this map does look good but flawed in my eyes, its too easy to attack naturals thats next to you if your Blue and red can be harrased easy from drop-ins. Teal has best pos, theres miles of distance before a drop-in, blue is squished in, and If your gonna make vulnerability to 2 bases its better you make other 3 have same vulnerability. Concept for this map good just some fixen here and there.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
uhm, king, this is NOT a clone of your map x_x doesnt even resemble it x_x

sounds to me like you're just jealous ;)
modified by 5pool
i have to agree, king does have better maps then this, ppl just voted for it cuz they dont know how to play Broodwar
First off: King, you should add your maps to the MotW competition if you think they deserve to be MotW. And you should comment there a bit and try to convince others that this or that map is better/worse.

I don't like this map, but I wouldn't want Dune2000 as MotW either... Certainly, you make decent maps, but Dune2000 is not your best imo.

And I have to disagree that a 5-8P map is more work. 2-4P maps have to carry a heavier load of tactical aspects, a 6-8P map, which usually is designed for 3n3/4n4, has to cover up different, more straight gameplay. In a 2-4P map, you have to tweak out the balance between the different strategically useful/differnt regions, whereas on a 6-8P map the terrain is simpler due to a lack of space (yet it's hard to fit it in anyways).
I do not say 6-8P maps were easier to make, but not harder either.
good map because the 3-5-7 players maps are the most difficult to do. I don't like the protoss buildings but it is not important
king of 8 plr maps
This map not bad. but its not great eather, nasty has made better then this, However I think he has good map here with 5 players. just the arrangment needs closer attention because some bases have big advantage while others are caught between rock n hard place.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
yea the map could use alittle adjustment, but nothing during games make me feel that its necessary.. thanks for comments tho king8
Fix the year of MotW. It was 2005 now i set it to 2006.
Bunsen Honeydew
I tried to use Templar Castes for a LAN evening, but when I created the game in melee mode, it only provided 4 player slots.


wow thats odd. I'll fix that
all start locs are there. Maybe you had an older bugged version
I remember that if you made a neutral starting location and then changed it to a non-neutral starting location with an earlier version of scmdraft, that location would not appear in game. Perhaps that's it, and all you need to do is re-place each starting location.


--l[w]l-Nasty; l[w]l-sinful vs l[w]l-Coop; l[w]l-Pulse(1on1, 1.14p)
--l[w]l-Nasty; l[w]l-sinful vs l[w]l-Coop; l[w]l-Pulse(1on1, 1.14)
--l[w]l-Mac11; l[w]l-Pulse vs l[w]l-Nasty; l[w]l-sinful(1on1, 1.14p)
--Frank-Terrorist; DeusXmachina vs JiNtense; JiNmode(2on2, 1.14p)
--l[w]l-Nasty vs. l[w]l-ehkz vs. l[w]l-mili vs. JiNt vs (other, 1.14p)

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