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Last update for (4)Shining Metal Star : 2007, 02, 10 14:50
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1617 (4)Shining Metal Star 128*128ScoutWBF2.1final

The map has been rated 73 times and got a total of 152 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Polished the shit out of Metal Star.Started the map from the beginning and modified the mains a bit.You may aren't able to drop that easy as before because the mains are further away,but you will still have it pretty easy cause of the blocked sides.

The middle still is the ressources center as it was in the normal Metal Star.

All in all it's just a remake of the best air map I made.Sleeping sun is nothing compared to Metal Star in popularness.

I will soon upload observer map and make the mapname colored cause it's cool and all my old maps have colored names.
Oh yeah by the way I made the map for a friend who is a big fan of Metal Star.He just loves the map :3
omg six expansions in the center! and all of them tankable and so.. i'd erase some or move them closer to the edge

i also fear that close positon's platform expansions make a sticky gameplay.. the game could be decided earlier, because one wont let the other have that expand
What about making it exactly symmetric? Now it looks a little... cheap?
Antares the middle expansion count won't be changed.The only thing i will change is the terrain.But there also has to be some difference to the old version :3

Where is such a huge symmetric difference?Tell me XD
There are small differences, enough to be noticeable, but still there's a "build-to-be-symmetric" feeling. They are neither necessary nor hard to avoid. It just looks like you have little time or are lazy.

The map ain't pretty, but it could become at least decent with a little effort.
Oh gawd!An island is 1block bigger than the others!Nobody cares about those little differences XD

This map is the same style like my old ones:Not pretty but good gameplay.

oh yeah I upload a new version :3
modified by ScoutWBF
yes massing turrets around the center platform to get 6 expansions is great gameplay
It sure is!But who is that dumb to let somebody get 6expansions XD Play the map and you will see that the gameplay is just as great as the gameplay of the old version.And I played Metal Star a lot.
"Oh gawd!An island is 1block bigger than the others!Nobody cares about those little differences XD"

I do care! It's space tileset, not jungle, and every difference is very visible.
cmon we don't judge maps by the look but by the gameplay and balance.

but if it's that important to you I will fix differences.Just tell me where you see them.
modified by ScoutWBF

solar array in the upper part
middle - the catwalk and the walls - they're not symmetric
those two are caused by the same, masive inaccuracy

left corner of the "star", the space below it exactly

I don't require that you will fix it, but it's all about impression, and it hurts it a lot
Were you looking at the old picture or at the new one?

I thought I would have fixed the top solar array and the walls in the middle Oo
there are too much vespin expansion in the middle xD
(sry jan aber is so ^^)
Hier spricht ja wohl jeder Deutsch^^ Warum ist die Amtssprache denn bitteschön Englisch, die paar die kein Deutsch können sind ne Minderheit :p

I second that :D
Then I machen weg the Vespin gaysire,weil die eh ungebraucht sind :3

werd 2wegmachen XD
ich musse für/zu verstehen Wörterbuch benutzen ^^
modified by Antares
Removed 2 gas and made the 4gaysirs in the middle 2500.
>ich musse für/zu verstehen Wörterbuch benutzen

Ich verstehe, aber kann nicht ohne Wörterbuch antworten. :-)

It's still unsymmetric (the upper left edge of the space-hole):P:P. But whatever:)
yeah I fucked up 1 block or something. Who cares XD
wenn du verstehst mich, dann warum brauchst du eine wörterbuch zu antworten? ich meine es gibt nie zu antworten :D
modified by Antares
Ich... ah whatever:-) I can understand German pretty well (although with a lot of thinking), but my abilities there are very passive:-).
okay also wird hier nur noch deutsch geredet XD was meint ihr zu der map?was muss verbessert werden?^^
I notice that you have knowledge of the gas issue, but you are mistaken: left and BOTTOM mine fastest, not top.

Other than that, it's a nice map; even though i dont like island, this one seems to encourage some more ground based gameplay with the bridge of land connecting the two "naturals" (for lack of better word... and laziness)
Nice map
No NoPants.You need 4 workers to mine correctly if the gas is below the Main building.

Thx guys :3 But who voted 0 points 2 times? XD
better question: who voted more than 5 points so often?
Dunno but 8.5 points was the correct average points :P I bet you voted 0 again.
OMG NoPants...
By the way guys please tell me what I have to do to make this map MotW XD
Pay me 100 bucks (and several admins, too ;) )

I don't give money to guys that vote 0 on my maps XD
Just a little update.Terran can't float command centres now.

Minerals at mineral only:8 every block
Minerals at natural:16 every block
Minerals in the middle:16 every block
Mineral between the expansions:24
lol of course I'd fe to the middle Oo
I agree, all those blocks are unnecessary and rather unattractive.
People told me that they are scared of terran just floating command centres to the middle.MAybe not the centre expansions but the expansions around.Also if I want Terran to be unable to expand the natural I need that many blocks.I'm sorry XD
Scared of a terran FE-ing on an island map... Unless it's gorky-style, I am delighted if my opponent makes an FE. Expanding to the middle would pretty much be suicide.
Fucking team liquid noobs 8[ But they thought the map was awesome.^^

uhm...remove all minerals?^^

By the way I think the map looks pretty funny with those minerals...Maybe I should let it stay like this!
modified by ScoutWBF
how many mineral blocks? :D
well it makes harder to expand for t thats right, but it is really annoying when you try to expand in late game and you must mine it and so...
You think 1 mineral that blocks the correct landing spot is enough?If yes I reduce them to 1 XD
1 at nat is fine, to delay the FE a little, but everywhere else is unnecessary; if terran FEs to middle, it will be defenseless for a long time
Removed Minerals and had some fun with the sprites.

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