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Last update for (0)Ice Ramp : 2021, 03, 14 12:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1620 (0)Ice Ramp 64*64spinesheath&flothefreak0.8experimental

The map has been rated 67 times and got a total of 55 points

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password: 1

These are the 2 ramps I designed for Nightmarjoo's map (4)Muse. I don't know if I will add equivalents for the standard-ramp directions, but with the same design.

The ramps are as wide as normal ramps, and about as long. The lowground starts pretty exactly where the dirt starts.

The ramp itself is unbuildable. You can even see it on the picture, I used only one tile for this. There are not many unbuildable, walkable and white tiles anyways. I could also use some walkable rocks, but I prefer it that way.

I am not very experienced with inverted-ramp wall-ins. The one I think you'd use here looks a little odd, but it should be pretty equal to the wallins for normal ramps. If you have any suggestions, just tell me. I am positive that I can make this wallable properly.

Btw, the password is "1", so feel free to add your ice terrain custom ramps.
modified by spinesheath
modified by spinesheath
GJ N1 impressive:)

BTW - there are no buildings 1 square wide or high, so maybe you could use some buildable squares so it would look a little bit better?
Well, I can, and there ARE some more tiles, and these rocks. I guess I could still improve a lot there. But single buildable tiles would look odd ingame... 2 would be better ;)
But that has time until tomorrow or so...
heh it is really impressive. And I can always add illegal doodads to make it not buildable on ;)

It already IS unbuildable :p
lets make inverted ramps for ash tileset ok?
i did and upload it soon

but thats cool good work spines :)
I am really angry at Blizzard that there are no cliff tiles with the same unwalkable minitiles as they are on normal ramps :p

Edit: I revised the ramps a little.

a) found the perfect highsnow-doodad tile for the NW-ramp's top edge :) The walkable area is now almost exactly the same as on a normal ramp.

b) improved the looks of the ramp's middle - I used some buildable tiles for this, but too few to be able to actually build there. If it disturbs ingame, it can easily be fixed.

c) pretty much by accident I made it so that you can build an nice wallin (should be ling-tight). It is pretty obvious how to wall there imo.

I am toying around with making one tile at the bottom of the ramp lowground instead of highground as it is now... You probably wouldn't see the difference anyways :p
modified by spinesheath
It's pretty cool, although "normal" ice ramp is lowground, so you don't suffer a penalty for shooting units that are ON it, and this one is highground. I guess you could make similar ramps facing down for a better symmetry.
Whoa, indeed, ice ramps are lowground up to about the middle of the ramp - I simply assumed they were just like the other ramps and designed mine that way.
I guess I'll rework it sometime soon...

And I'll have to think of that substitute for the normal ramps...
I just saw that horribly old comment of Flo on Muse, which includes a picture with a depot on the lowground end of those ramps.

So that thing is zeal/ling tight for both ramps. If you don't want this, you will have to modify the ramps slightly. I haven't tried myself yet, but putting an unbuildable tile somewhere where that depot would be placed will solve the issue. Normal ramps have a larger unbuildable area than this ramp anyways.
modified by spinesheath
there one for snow-to-ice ramps?
there isnt, and im pretty sure it cant be done in a nice way
Well, maybe I'll try it in a few hours (I'm at school now); if I remember. But I'm not very positive either.
try using the ramp/stairs of structure with inverts maybe?
Well, I tried it for a while. I came up with a tricky blend using both the ice and cliff ramps to blend the snow-ramp-transition. But the ramp-ice-transition is hopeless. There only are 6 ice doodads, including the 2 ramps, and none of them is walkable at the places that could be helpful. There are no other tiles that would blend with ice even a tiny little bit.

Structure tiles are not even worth thinking of; they are medium ground, and the ice ramp obviously should be lowground.

So, no, I can't create an inverted ice ramp. If you desperately need one, copy over the main part of the normal ice ramp and live with it being blocky as hell. Or just rethink your map concept.
i inserted the standard-way ramps of snowshock and asa-thor. they arent perfect at all, but if you feel you'd need them you can use it as basic and make it perfect for your map. i dont have the motivation to spent time for this...
Some maps are lost ,like this oneŁĄ
not a loss...
i cannot download it.
Can you please update it?

if you can't... I backuped this file in my old hard drive...
modified by Testbug
Point is: Just don't. People not being tempted to use bugged stuff is a blessing.
but how can i use it in other maps ? For example, i want to use these ramps in another map, how can i move these ramps to my-design map.

modified by Ring
@ring - copy + paste is probably the best option...
all right

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