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Last update for (2)Chromosome : 2008, 12, 08 21:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1634 (2)Chromosome 128*96lnept0.2beta

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 10 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

hmm nice nats, those gave me some ideas
intentions of this map :

to mix newschool with oldschool.

(wierd nat and main setup combined with easy to understand map)

Main goal: to give players infinite options
(cliff nat gas, close positions for cheese, the multiple different places you can expo(island, extra, gas, big min only, open middle(true to the desert tileset) and other things like that.

questions: make mains 8 minerals?
put critter in every dropspot or would that be stupid?

any other things let me know
oh btw i made no expos in the middle so now LGI cant get angry about the "Hidden expo" pathfinding :p
Looks pretty cool, and the decoration definitely looks better, I know you don't like to decorate tons, it looks good.
which side do units take, left or right? Or do they split up? Double wide entrance looks really bad for pvz early game.
The middle expo is ugly ;)
I like this, looks really nice. New concepts :) But there could be some gay crap with 1 army going south and other army going north so they wouldn't meet, and then you'd both be losing ur bases. But I know you'll test that to make sure.
I think 9 is fine, open map will be nice for z 9 will help t.
I like critters, feel free to add them. They can be killed easily enough. Can leave the nat cliff bare though ^^
@lnept! Don't make me say you are an idiot and read the last topic that i got angry, but not only my posts. Read all posts that are connected whit the 2/4/6 and 1/3/5 AND DON'T ASK ME WHAT IS 2/4/6 and 1/3/5.

So i got angry whit this map...
well im afraid theres nothing i can do tofix it
modified by lnept
Re-make the center and remove those silly cliffs at 12 and 6 o'clock. Atm they are useless. They are just taking space, i don't see anyone who will use them...
how would i remake the center without making this a retarded map?
very carefully! :D
backup and fool around ;)
my brain hurts when i look at this. Looks like an Atari game O_o
dang im getting some great comments on this map lol
lol well that's bwm for you :)

I gave a nice first comment ^^
You didn't answer my question :P which path do units take? If they always take one of those two paths then I don't think LGI's issue with the even amount of paths is valid (heh that's assuming I understand it, which I likely don't). I think it just matters that your army doesn't divide in two.
well as for pathfinding they just seem to take either of the real path its strange.

as for splitting up, yes i think if you didnt click to a side first, like for example sending units from your nat to opponents nat they would split up.
LISTORIC, thanks for your comment omg, gave me a huge idea :D
Which is horrible and will turn out into an atari map
but thats not the point, thx !!!! :D
epic bump

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