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Last update for (3)Sowon : 2006, 09, 17 16:30
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1645 (3)Sowon 128*128Cucdas1.5final

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 75 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This will be tough to play. Dunno how the missing of a natural in the route to your opponent or near it affects balance...
Are there any popular maps of similar concept that I just can't think of now?

It is executed well, at least this I can say :)
get rid of the gas at the entries & this map will be a really good 3 player map
Ok. I remove gas at the entries.
omg this map is great! I love this kind of 3 player map, good job man ima download it asap.
but whats with all that gas? if Im in 6 o clock, for instance, and I linearly expand towards 11 o clock, I get FIVE gases.
modified by SynDrome
Well, the map is rich overall. So there comes the gas ;)
wow done beautifully; eye candy :)


there isnt any great flanking areas in the middle, and it will become problematic in games which require it (pvt etc).. to really push this map to great lengths u must solve this issue. I'd suggest to make the middle unbuildable so there can be no slow push etc. I'd also consider eliminate some of the elevated catwalk so u can make the middle more flank friendly.

make players 1, 2, and 3 "user selectable" and make an obs map. :)))))

well u def did something great with this, and i expect alot more of this from u! great work 9/10
Nice idea,fine layout,and also well executed.

Just some things.Don't forget the main thing in the game is fighting against your enemy(s),not just gather ressouces.If you don't wanna have a mucho money map you must delete some expos.I will suggest that from pos 4,8 and 12.

And the mains need a little more profile.They looks so empty.

But beside this minor issues it's a good start.I give you 7 points.Keep up the good work,dude!
I'd get rid of the expos in the middle of the low-ground parts, or at least remove the gas.
1. Unbuildable terrain in map center.
2. Expos in positions 4,8 and 12 - now 5 x 1500 minerals (before 8 x 1500 minerals).
3. Expos in the middle of the low-ground parts - now 5 x 1500 minerals (before 6 x 1500 minerals and 1 x 5000 gas).
4. Near expos now 8 x 1500 minerals (before 7 x 1500 minerals).
The 12 minonly is no equally cliffable ;)

I wouldn't say that on this map much flanking room in the middle is needed. There are no expansions in the middle, so a terran push will be far off his expansions. And he probably won't win out of his main.
Imo the middle will be rarely used in midgame, because most attacks will be made on expansions. You also have to protect your main well, though. This might lead to very aggressive play imo.
spine you make that comment while high?
z will use middle because they have to take alternative routes. They need flank room too. You gave some examples with t in it, ever think of zvp? Z will use the middle, especially if p does not.

Map does look good. But teal is not as easy to harass because of position in the middle of the main whereas the other two are at the edge of their mains.

gas issue. I'm pretty sure 3 will still mine optimally on the northern mains' gas, especially blue.

Why do the mineral onlys have so much room?
And I think t can tank those minerals from the middle.

I like this map, a well done 3player.
remove the 3 middle expansions in the corridors on the outlying edges of the map, they are redundant. if you want the extra resources there, add a patch or two to the catwalk expos.
Well, I might not have put it correctly. Imo the middle will not be an important battleground in midgame, but it certainly will be used as alternative route, for flanks and so on.

No big battles because there are no expansions. Attacks are either focused on an expansion or on a main, in most cases. Of course you have to use the middle to get there. But you won't engage your enemy there too often.

Terran will favor the lower paths.
And since when are we looking for flanking room in pvz, as everyone complains about z>p?
how silly of me to overlook this:

GAS ISSUE at 6 :))))))

gas should always be at the left or above the start locs in the mains..

or should be left and right of the start locs in the mains for optimal gathering.
Gas Issue

and i'd say zerg will get raped here, no chance to defend against a terran attack. The terran just drives over, sieges his tanks, and bombs away everything which stands in front of the entrance or the expansions below.

Just my 2 cent.
modified by Listoric
That's what I partially spoke of with my first comment (missing of a natural). But I like the execution of this map, I can't give up the hope that it is not THAT simple :)
well FE likes impossible here, you need to place a chokehatch (acceptable) and a second, but it is also approachable easily, so zerg need double amount of sunks in a ZvT (ZvP should be not that big problem)
Yeah this map is great!

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