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Last update for (8)Equilibrium K8 : 2007, 01, 30 21:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1674 (8)Equilibrium K8 otherking of 8 plr maps-28,256,363.8final

The map has been rated 76 times and got a total of -2147483648 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

king of 8 plr maps
This is my hardest map Ive made sofar and took the longest of all my maps to make.
If this is so, then I wonder why you made the center double-expansion the way it is. There are min blocks inaccessible from one side, so it's not really harvestable...

And I guess that you raised the mineral amount once again - how much is it this time?
some expos looks strange, but damn well done !
king of 8 plr maps
Im trying somthing new its still in beta, middle is double ended expo each side has 8 just like rest, its not ment for you to mine both sides at same time.

The minerals on this map might be on short side i might have to add couple more expos, I changes minerals around in this version from original, I still need test it.

The Resources on this is frantic panic style, all expos are battles in themselves, you fight for every stone.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
this map simply owns, GJ woot
You won't fight for those island expoes any more than normally. Especially because there is no gas and it's so easy to defend for terran...

Consider having any number greater than 8 miners on the middle expansion. What will happen?
king of 8 plr maps
the miners wont flea from one side to other if max miners is mining double ended minerals.

Is that what you mean?

modified by king of 8 plr maps
I don't mean something that gives no sense...

What the heck are "double ended miners"? SCVs with two backsides?

EDIT: So, if I put 50 SCVs there to harvest from one side, you say they won't travel to the other side?
If they don't, 42 of them will sit at some spot and wait for a path opening up like a rainbow to walk on.
modified by spinesheath
king of 8 plr maps

well they wont just sit there forever they wait for open mineral slot, then they mine again.

Ive learned a valuable lesson while making Dune 2000 trying to Fix & figer out how i could stop miners from going from natual to mineral, those buggers keep leaving natural and going over to minerals only when there was overflow of miners.

Whithout going into detail of how and why. just build same setup on map to test yourslef the limits of starcraft, there so many little tricks in starcraft.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
king of 8 plr maps
I played this today, and made small update, I wont spoil the fun by saying what i did but I think its cool, sort of a backup feature I added.
the 2 mineral blocks at each of the previous gas-only expansions maybe...?
king of 8 plr maps
could be
king of 8 plr maps
Map updated to final, I did some last changes and some adjustments to resources.
DAMN GJ! Best 8 player map seen :D
god radix you scared me, I thought king of 8 plr maps was back.

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