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Last update for (2)KidneyHelp 1.1 : 2006, 10, 13 04:25
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1706 (2)KidneyHelp 1.1 64*64Nightmarjoo, named by Flavia-1.2beta

The map has been rated 96 times and got a total of -113 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I made it for the can of spam tourney thing.
The minerals walling have 100 for the single one and 200 for the other two.
I put the minerals there to slow rushes somewhat. I thought a gay 4/5 pool or some other rush would be too effective with the close distances. The bigger two slow the use of larger units since tanks don't fit through the 1 mineral hole. Er, not in SE atleast =/
lol someone rated this a 10 and gave no comment wtf
obs added
its an okay map.. decent.. not exactly sumthing i'd play :/ .. just not my style
(...rated this a 10)and that one deserve a medal!
Are you sure this is a 128*128?looks like a 96*96 to me.It's too early to say something about this one.It's just in her 5 minutes stages...
changed size to 64x64, I had it on 128x128 before...
@fry yeah pretty much... took a little longer than that though. But it's a 64z64 map, how much time can a person put into it?

And it is definitely a beta, where do you think I should go with the map?
hm, interesting

cut down on mins on the upper and lower exp, and add a geyser somewhere. doesnt need to be a full one, just 500 or 1000 will do :) motivated people more to expand there, and makes it a bit fairer for zerg.
@Nightmarjoo I anticipate nothing good.You first step was to download a premature map.Such sort of maps make sense just in the case you wannna short, funny fight.I'm not a fan of such kinda map.The terrain is shitty small,the main are always near.

And now you expect the others should finish this map for you?
no fry you misunderstand. Firstly I only made this map for 5pool's competition which states that maps should be 2 player 64x64 maps and should be 'hard'. So I make this. I would never have made this map had 5pool not had his gosu map competition.

@5pool upper/lower mins?

@fry you make a gosu 64x64 map then.
the ones in the top left and bottom right corners
edit: removed mineral blocks at both mineral only corner expos, and gave NW SE a geyser. NW has gas issue, but I could fix it easily. Is it significant as an expo with gas in a small map?
nah, gas issue doesnt matter here. usually the actual issue pops up later in the game.
modified by matt[ba]
Your comment
cool map btw
Maybe consider adding a 1 min block in each of those corner min/gas expansions. While the others are mining through their walls in front, Terran will just float into that expansion.
ah that makes sense, although it doesn't take very long to get through the mineral wall. I will have to test it to see if t can get a cc there before someone can mine through.

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