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Last update for (3)Concord Triad : 2008, 01, 20 20:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
172 (3)Concord Triad 128*96Snooky1.5final

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 92 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

If someone would help me I would change the bridge structures a bit to better suit map using Starforge 2. I have practically no knowledge of this editor and cannot even get the doodads icon to do anything so I don't even know where to begin with altering bridge terrain.
I think the article by starparty might help (click "articles" on the menu).

This map looks good the way it is imo. I don't think every single map needs wider bridges etc.
Your name
I was more leaning toward shortening a bridge than widening it
I just played on the map.
I really don't see a reason for changing the bridges. I was @ 5 and opponent @9, and my units got stuck in the minerals of the min only all the time while travelling. I put two barracks in front of the expo to prevent that later in the game. Maybe you can fix that?
um I"m assuming they got stuck because they were running through heavy miners, because I don't see how units would get stuck behind the minerals of base 5 or w/e there's no room to get stuck. But if the miners was the case then its just like any other map including LT - rally units around the CC. Ex: on LT if you are 9 and oponent is 12 you cannot walk straight there if you're mining at your 2nd nat you should go around the underside of your Nexus.
I never experienced it like that on LT. I had the same problem on every single position of River of flames though.
That is because river of flames sux :/
lol river of flamez is like the only non LT wgt map I like -.-
how does a terran push fail here at all? flanking is harder here than on some maps which are considered fair (luna tvz, jrm tvp) and unfair (t>z on jungle story, gaema gowon, jim raynor's memory)
wtf? gg and js are not considered terran-friendly because pushing is so easy and flanking so difficult...

Yeah flanking is not too easy on this map. If this were a league map it might be my choice as a terran player. So many maps are anti-terran though, so why not having a terran-friendly map from time to time.
mabye try to remove the bridges -or- the cliffs with ramps. that would open it up a bit perhaps..
the pointw asn't that those maps were terran-friendly because flanking was easy, the point is that this map is way more terran friendly than those maps where pushing is harder.
gaema gowon = zerg FE will only survive if zerg is lucky/zerg will need more lings->less eco
jrm = expand has no gas, besides I don't see any tvz imbalances anyway on this map. It is even better than nostalgia zvt.
jungle story = zerg can't get gas FE + a huge cliff where tanks can kill your eco.

That's why the maps may be imbalanced. I don't see any of those features on this map.
well now you sound right, but it looks hard for terran to be flanked tvz tvp
and those gas expos only help zerg in a midgame where they've contained their opponent. if they're containing they probably don't need much more help, they can take the 2 gasses of the other main and then they have 4 right there. maybe 1 gas in the middle instead of 3, assuming you think zerg needs help via more gas there. what would be better than that would just be to make more than 5000 in the mains or nat.

i like the nats being 7 patchs
Okay I just did some modifications. First off I like the bridges there so I tried to scoot them a little more back and open up mid some more (in my opinion it is open enough for a decent pvt game). Btw the bridges do help in flanking or does nobody else notice this.

Also, I never really did like the gas only expos but I felt I had to have some expoage other than pure naturals. Gas only expos do benefit zerg a lot but they also benefit terran some tvp/tvt (tvt doesn't count). I think toss is shafted at this point, so what I did was put 3 mineral fields at each expo to make it worth it for protoss or terran to exp there. And I also nerfed the gas from 5k to 1.5k (I don't really like maps high in gas :P). I get a bad feeling when I make a map that doesn't have the usual 5k gas & 1.5k min fields at every base, but I think its a worthy move anyway.

I made this map 3 player because I felt in 4 player 1v1 maps zerg has too much advantage purely from being able to expo at so many different places and chokes. I could of made this a 2 player map but that's kind of boring and with the same layout wouldn't of yielded enough money. It's too bad that most 2 player maps have nearly as much money as the 4 player ones, so they're pretty redundant imo. To me a 3 player map with the same money layout as most 4 player maps (just missing a base) gives a much better balanced feel as far as money is concerned. Only one main is available for posession.

I'd really like input concerning what I did with the unnatural expos - like if they're overkill or what. I don't want to make them a full blown 7 or 8 mineral field expo with gas cuz that's more money than I want to give unless I left the gas out but then that makes it unbalanced since zergs would be the likely candidate for those expos.
I forgot to add that the cliffs designated for tank cliffing the non-natural expos can no longer hit the geyser, but they can shoot miners mining the minerals. I thought this was a good idea since the geysers only have 1.5k to begin with.
I'm starting to like this map more and more, and will probably soon test it.

You have given the resource amount quite a lot of consideration, and therefore I accept your decision though I wouldn't have minded all gas being 5k. The 'gas onlies' are secluded enough
imo to be harassable, so 5k gas wouldn't distrupt the balance of the map.
I don't know why but my last edit didn't register the new picture. It still has the old one
Make sure you named the new one identically to the one uploaded.
I like it, there's plenty of space to maneuver around another army in the center. The little cliffs just outside the main is a neat place to park tanks, but aside from that it's pretty useless to other races.

As for the bridges... I really don't see any point to them. At all. I suppose they look pretty... eh...

Anyway, the only thing I'd change is the ramps. I like wide (custom) ramps.

Please don't bump old maps with random comments no one can appreciate.
modified by PsychoTemplar
Please ignore templar as he just has sand in his vagina
modified by Nightmarjoo
this map would be a very cool candidate for pimping actually. gogo gadget testbug!

--NeX-Snooky vs NeX-OwNeR(1on1, 1.13)
--NeX-Snooky vs panschk[FP](1on1, 1.13)

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