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Last update for (4)Scorpiomicon : 2006, 10, 16 04:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1732 (4)Scorpiomicon 96*96UrzaTron0.1beta

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)


okay, to start u off, i'd like to say that it's too tight. It ruins the map period being this tight. there isnt any mobility option and no way to flank players which is a must.

make sure ur mineral lines are at least one tile away frm the edge of the map (unless it is blocking a passage towards an expo or another route to ur enemy etc.). For gas it should be 2 or 3 tiles away from the edge of the map. Doing both this serves as a gameplay function for movement or strategic building placement.

If you'd like to improve your skill, look thru the MOTWs (map of the weeks).. these are among the best maps at this site. You'll be able to get a good idea of how to map good maps by looking at the style, layout, and decoration. Also take a look at the article to learn how to balance maps etc. it will help u out alot.

u have potential!
modified by NastyMarine
positional imbalance: red and blue have really tight but easily defendable main chokes but the other two don't.
those cliffs are bad because some have a lot of room and others have little, ie you can place more on a bigger one = unfair, but it is hard to drop to defeat an enemy drop on the little tight cliffs = unfair.

decoration: very plain, mix up the terrain and add doodads (make sure you add walkon and buildonable doodadsin areas where you will need to build or walk)

gameplay/racial imbalances: the map has few resources which disfavours zerg. The mains are really close to eachother which means rushes are more effective than usual (4/5pool particularly), this also hurts t in pvt early on.
The double entrance thing can make it dificult to defend the main, although perhaps not so since you will have to stay in your main (cannot early expo)
I'd say that the main gameplay issue is the fact that the map is so tight, which favours terran and protoss in pvz. Essentially what nasty said goes.

Diagnal mineral formations mine slower (I think, I may be wrong), and are harder to get a good split on. Also the main formations should be exactly the same (any difference is likely an imbalance, of course there are always times when you are better off having slightly different formations (perhaps like in lt where they are rotated)).

If you change the mineral positions bare in mind the gas issue, and you can read up on that through the articles on the site, which I highly recommend reading.

As for the MOTWs, they are all good maps. Some are much better than others. Some maps were chosen purely for a concept, or because it was the best map submitted for the MOTW competition for that week. Bare in mind there are hundreds of good maps on this site, and although the MOTWs generally represent the best of the site, there are many maps which are better than some of the MOTWs.

As for all I said, I did mention a lot of things I would consider 'wrong'. A good map is a fair one, where there are no positional imbalances, such as distance, size, and chokes, and racial imbalances are corrected with a nice balance helping/hurting all the races in an effort to be fair.

You did not make a bad map. Trust me, my first maps were much worse than this. This is a good start, I'm sure you will be making good maps after some more practice/experience. People on bwm will help improve your mapping skills and give good comments on the concept and whatnot. Although some won't, but w/e.

Good start, I eagerly expect your next map, or even an edit of this map. You can edit the map using the edit thing on the left instead of uploading a new version seperate.
Thanks a ton for the feedback. This was one of my first maps. I've made a couple more since this one that might be a lot better, but I submitted this because I've played it the most with friends and such. I can probably dig up a rep or two as well, come to think of it.

Looking at this map after reading the comments, you're right, it is WAY too tight. Also, it kind of favors Terran in that they can float into their expansion, instead of walking all the way around like others.

EDIT: Also, where do you DL those custom ramps and stuff that I've seen, like the top-entry cliff ramps?

EDIT2: How often is appropriate to submit maps? I have a few others I'd like to submit, but I don't want to spam.
modified by UrzaTron
modified by UrzaTron
Click on 'Map DB' and you can see which maps are the ramp ones... They are labeled as: (0)"Blank" Ramp
Looks like it could be a cool Top vs Bottom map. Just gotta fix the things the other guys hit on. I think top vs bottom would be fun with them ramps connecting the bottom and top mains.
feel free to spam maps. I don't really care, but it will piss off flothefreak most likely. I still don't care -_-

unless I'm too tired I will spend as much time as I did on this one on each map, or as much as I can. If I'm tired it might be something stupid and short -.-
I used to play mtg :P
(btw, that was in response to Urzatron's name)
Update/Complete Overhaul:

- Cleared useless clutter in mid
- Made all min line horiz/vert
- Fixed gas issue
- Decorated
- Added min-onlys
- Added 2x Island expos and 2 other expos in mid
- Moved ramps closer to naturals

(btw, the mins blocking the island are 1)

Also, are replays against computers acceptable?
modified by UrzaTron
Sorry to bump, but my map floated to the bottom without any comments :( This update completely changed it, so I'd like a comment or two :)
modified by UrzaTron
nats are too close, tanks will destroy. Otherwise an interesting edit. I don't think it resembles the original one at all. I do comend you for editing your older maps though, many do not, or can't because the concept is unplayable. In this on though I don't think it retains any concept of the old map. E/W expos are in the way; a player trying to flank would likely use that passage and therefore not expo there because it would be in the way.
Would it be better if I swapped the naturals and min onlys, and moved the ramp over? Also, in your comment regarding the e/w expos, should I just remove them then?

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