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Last update for (2)Wormfood : 2022, 09, 18 00:46
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1784 (2)Wormfood 64*64Greg0.7final

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 37 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

haven't finished the doodads, i will soon.
wow, looks great :D i love 64 maps
too much money.
I think rather than making it completely symetrical you should take out the minonlys and change the bottom left high land so you can use normal ramps.
No, I like it the way it is. Taking out the mineral onlys means the whole game is about the nats. Very boring game after the nats run out =/ You'd get another dunaj tactics game ><

I like this map.
whats with adding a nat and blocking your whole path T_T

looks just like all other 64x64 to be honest
Well, i think its at least a lot better than most of your map Inept ( considering they are all 64x64 )

So its not looking like all other 64x64 :O
LoL? i have about 5-6 64x64 maps and they are all more interesting then this.

your just mad because your such a dick so you try to make yourself look cool but saying your such a good mapmaker and other people suck.
?!?! I never said that and you know it. And I'm not trying to look cool. don't get me wrong but you never created 1 good map the proof is you are deleting them because you hate your work. The only map you still have is krator and it's because some1 pimped ( SP )

Stop being mad because your such a hippocrite
finished doodading.
This post is not displayed due to its content
sorry if that came off as bm...but seriously take 15 seconds at least before you just post something like "i deleted all my works" that is just ignorant geezus... and of course just because you dont think it is a good map it must be bad. thanks for yet another support for my statement in my first post.
modified by lnept
... when you go to the map database and i write your name no maps shows up until i select on the tab " any map type" now i see all your maps, i might be hard with you but seriously i don't see whats good about your maps. You use plenty of mineral walls that fck* up pathfinding and you add no new ideas to your maps

And the funniest thing is you call me kid? Look at you and if i remember correctly, you are under 15 years old k thx go play more starcraft now and get some e-attitude ( like u had not enough already )
just because you are a fucking asshole. look at all of your map threads, I am always nice and add things. When you post on my maps its always "rofl dont upload anything else" or "lol your maps suck kid"

so after going through this, it is clear why I call you the kid. Simply because you choose to act like one.
I just hate the way you act. When u comment on maps made by new users, you just tell them it sucks and oh your map has nothing special bla bla

Then i look at your map and they are sometime as bad as the map you comment bad things.

I get frustrated of your "im better than you" attitude. You are probably one good hell starcraft player but why do you have to act like your a god anyway i'm tired of arguing with you it's just a waste of time
ok show me these comments please.

lets look at the one i made on this map: i pointed out a mistake with the nat, and i said that the structure was similar to a lot of 64x64 maps.

Contrary to "lol why do you upload this" or "terrible"

look at scotia for one, and keep in mind by saying "i thought it was correct" is just being a hypocrite after telling me to stop telling newcomers how bad they are when i was a newcomer at that time.

modified by lnept
It is just a genereal feeling i have about you. What is wrong with the natural? I looked at the map and theres lots of space around the nat ( you can put a command center next to the other that means 4 grid space yea? or 3 well and maybe if Greg just remove that doodad it would be enough.. You know we can't reinvent the 64x64 maps.. what is the point of saying " Oh it looks like all the other maps "

If i hurt you in any way with my words, sorry but i think i was right. Can you tell me on what map i did these comments?
removed that doodad, thanks.
Did you check the GMCS?
trcc is right, lnept is a dumbass

(just for the record)
trcc and flo are butt buddies

(just for the record)
still superior to you :)
bigger mains.
i like the title :D

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