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Last update for (4)Reality : 2006, 11, 06 11:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1796 (4)Reality 128*128LostTampon0.4beta

The map has been rated 44 times and got a total of 18 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Certainly a rich map. Might be a little tight in mid/lategame, as there will be lots of units because of the huge resource amount.
Looks great!
hm, yes you are right, trying to fix this

- All corner expos have now 1000/3000 (Mins/Gas)
- Minor layout changes
modified by LostTampon
3gas bases for free -.-
Well, they are not completely for free - they are not in one line, and you can travel behind the natural - but they are easy to get...
Okay, next attempt:
widened now the bridges leading to the corner expos and removed the gas from the naturals
modified by LostTampon
That's going to be tough for zerg now, especially in tvz, with the nat being hard to defend against terran (think of tanks behind water) and no gas. I'd exchange the gas position and put it at the natural.
I like it.

ZvT might be a bit hard, yeah.

I suggest you put the main minerals closer to the edges, so there's more room in the mains. Decorate the map more, too.
k if I was zerg I'd make my 2nd hatch behind their main formation because a. There's enough room there that they wouldn't see it. b. It would be safer there and provide just as much help toward defending the main.

The back door for the nat is huge, playing this would be worse than curtain calling (mnm got in my main every single zvt game no matter how early I made lings and sunks because the gap was so large), and in that map if you survive early game (I did once) you have some gas there.
ii like it plus this map reminds me of Spectral Charm ^^
You must not play zerg then :)
i play all races you know, and you also know that my terran sucks :D
well, updated it as you can see^^
lol what's the difference. Is the gas at nat thing the only difference? It will suck for z I think. You should test it :) I will play you if we can find a time. I have aim, and I'm the64man on it. monday after 3:30 pm EST should be fine for me =/
hm, well there is a huge difference if the gas is at the nat or at the outer expansion. the back door is now smaller and you can defend it better as a zerg. if you place your sunkens well you can hold off every terran/toss attempt to breach through.

ok, this would be 21:30 GMT+1, fine. Let's test some maps then :-)

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