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Last update for (2)Smoke : 2012, 03, 24 03:27
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4467 (2)Smoke otherJungleterrain0.3betaground

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Here is what I've made for the Innovative naturals competition.

Width is 112, Height is 128. Looking at it now, I think this concept would have worked with 96x128, but oh well.

The map isn't finished, and I'm not just talking about the decoration, but the addition of neutral buildings and some funky stuff, so expect some updates soon.

Comments/concerns gogo
modified by JungleTerrain
Wow, looking at the Newest updates box, this is the only jungle tileset map XD

EDIT: Forgot to say that the gas behind the nat is depleted, and it could probably help zerg.
modified by JungleTerrain
A depleted gas? how that would help zerg? i don't get it.
So basically you added a depleted gas to make up for the impossible 3rd...
I would not like to play this as Z
I don't play zerg. I want them to LOSE.
Great map :)
Make it at least a 1000 gas geser or someting like that. Sure, Zerg can place their third hatch there. But spending another 250 minerals and 4 larvae for extractor and mining drones won't pay off at all, giving it 1000 gas at least gives a certain surge effect that can halp pump your tech up.
I assume the block will be at the narrow choke behind the main? Use some sturdy building that isn't easily destroyed with a quick rush. SOme stacked temples or Psi disruptors like in Medusa/Electric Circuit would probably best suited for the purpose.

3rd is not impossible for Zerg. They can take the corner expo, though it\'s reather far. But Zerg can take another main or nat as third on 3/4p maps so this can work as well. Blocking off the high ground path with another neutral wall would help though.

I am more worried for protoss, everything is os open, Vultures will rape Probes left and right.
modified by Freakling
Have you considered other constellations by the way? Like also dietributing the minerals, probably like 4:3 or 5:3, between the two nats? Or even putting all the minerals on the low ground expo instead? That way it would not only be good for Zerg because Zerg would have to scrifice some mineral income to put their second hatch on a pure gas expo.
Thie middle is so wide. :o plus the side paths have really small ramps, so armies wont use those.
map will be split in half at the middle :O
modified by CrystalDrag
*Lol* @ random map link :P
The middle is NOT that wide. I've been working a bit on the sides, so they should feel a little more opened up when I update it. I also made the corner expo easier to protect, with one small ramp, although there is still that ledge over it. I've also added 1 mineral patch to the corner and side expos, but not the mineral only's. The update is on its way for this map. I'm just doing some tile editing stuff, and then I'll update it.

Corner Hill expos are easier to defend now. (1 ramp)
Xel'naga temples are 3 stacked, full health.

[Main Base]:
vespene gas....value 5000
9 patches......value 1500

[Natural Expansion]:
vespene gas....value 4000
5 patches......value 1500
2 patches......value 749
1 patch........value 500

[Indoor Expansion]:
vespene gas....value 1000
5 patches......value 1000
Love the update and tile edit workings
Does the upper base get an ovie spot hugging the map boundaries to the temples?
modified by CrystalDrag

I'm not sure what you are asking. What do you mean?
check GMC
Ah ok. Yeah i'll make that spot more overlord friendly.
I like the 3/9 highground gas expos, their chokes and paths, and how it works with the middle. I like the way you did the nat backdoor. The min onlys are silly though, imo. I think it would be better to give the backdoor more minerals and remove its geyser, and to place a geyser at the min only instead (leaving it cliffable).

I don't like the pathing to the 12/6 expos, and they're definitely too close to the corner expos. If you did my suggestion of moving the gas (and made it a full geyser) you wouldn't even need another base: 5gas per player is plenty.

The mains are too small for their awkward shape/vulnerability. There's no way to make efficient use of the space given mains placed like that. The nats look a little muta-unsafe, compounding the strength of mutas with those mains as well.

The middle itself is pretty boring and uninspired imo.

My suggestion is to tighten the concept and drastically alter the map's layout: specifically to move the mains to the opposite side of the map, so i.e. moving blue's main to the left side of the map. You could leave the backdoor path the way it is relative to the mains and have it be a tight path running behind the main mineral formation (possible cliffing it?), or you could reverse its orientation situating the mains themselves in the very corner, with the backdoor path opening into the opposite side of the map (so blue's backdoor's neutral block would be on the right side instead of the left). The purpose behind such a drastic change is to allow you to make more efficient use of the space to best execute what I think is the best part of the map's current concept. Such a series of changes and the reorientation of the rest of the map that naturally follows obviously would mandate a total remake of the map, but I think the end result would be a much cleaner (comfortable to play on) map.

That series of changes would include the movement of the gas from the backdoor to the current min only. That expo would be the true 3rd, situated outside the nat, cliffed by the 4th gas expo, which would be similarly if not identically choked and pathed as it is currently. The 5th gas expos would probably end up above/below the mains, approximately where the 3rds are in this map currently, unless you have a better idea for where to place them. To clarify what's in my head a little bit: I believe the 4rd bases (the multi-choked highground bases) will end up approximately where the mains/nats currently are, with maybe some overlap with the current position of the min onlys. I have trouble picturing exactly how much space all of these things will need, and thus the shape they'll have, etc.

So to restate the point of that solution: the mains would be normalized, making them not suck while concurrently giving you more space to work with (which would let you make a less boring middle), the 5ths would be cleaned up (making them more accessible; erasing that weird loopy pathing that I'm not a fan of at all), and the pointless 6ths would be removed.

So to repeat myself some more: I definitely like aspects of the map, but don't like the map in its current form at all. There's a lot of wasted space, I'm pretty sure the mains are horribly uncomfortable, the nats are a little messy, the 5ths are practically unuseable because you can't reach them: they're far from whatever power base you'll have at the 4ths, and this is particularly bad because of the gas density you've placed there, having made the 3rd nearest geyser have only 1k gas (with the nat having only 4k).

The other (easier) alternative would be to remove the 5ths (the 12/6 expos) and try to clean up the 6ths and make them the 5ths, takeable via the current 4ths. I assume this is how you currently intend gameplay to work, but I don't like this because of the backdoor and the awkward mains. Even if removing the 5ths and improving the mains and cleaning up the 6ths as the 5ths is plausible to do without remaking the map (thus easier), I feel the end result is a much more boring map than the concept deserves to be a part of.
GMCS or raher some quick and ugly paint drawing would have said more than a tousand words here :P
I'm not sure if I have time to remake this map, or make any big edits. If I do so, then it'll probably be later on in the year.

I'm having a hard time picturing what you are describing nmjoo, maybe make a MS Paint picture?

All I can say is that this map, in its current form, is not at all what my original concept was. The original concept was too crazy for me to implement or execute properly, so I had to scrap it.

Idk what that means for the Tourney
modified by JungleTerrain
Not bad not bad I really like this!

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