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Last update for (2)Mount Gagazet : 2008, 06, 06 18:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2915 (2)Mount Gagazet 128*128SiaBBo0.6betaground

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 26 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Yes, there is gas issue, so don't say it.. But if you know better position then you can say..
9pool > protoss? (big choke)
u thought of making middle better decorated?
You ever play katrina, Morrow?
The map has pretty long distances, so it should be ok. Perhaps the area behind the choke could be tightened up more, but then it'd be awkward for building space, like in katrina =/
Alternatively, you could place the sl closer to the ramp, so that you have more of a block. A 9pool certainly is not inherently lethal just because of the nature of the choke, but I do see how FEing pvz could be annoying, and 2gate/1gate tech both won't work very well on the map due to the large main2main distances.
Yeah, more I think about it more I think the best way to make pvz FE work is by moving the sl next to the ramp. This blocks some of the path potential lings could run by through, and forces any kind of cannon defense to not only defend the ramp, but also defend one mining spot as well (as opposed to now, where you can cannon either the choke, or the main, in which case you'd have to cannon your nat too, which is just economically unsound).
I guess the katrina main/nat layout concept is inherently flawed for building layout, pathing, and gameplay options.

I'm not a fan of the 3rd base having gas, it's too close and distances are too long for it to work out nicely. I reccomend removing the gas from it altogether, and not relocating it, though I spose you could place it at the middle min only, but I personally don't like that idea much either, for pathing's sake. However, that would be fine I think if you altered the shape of the area/cliff by the current min only to better fit both the minerals, and the subjuntive future placement of gas.

Overall, the map would benefit from your edges being more round rather than being so straight and flat. Not only is that visually more appealing, it also would use the map's space more efficiently I think, and remove some cases of awkwardness.

I also reccomend moving some of the expos away from the map's edge. The space behind the current min onlys is awkward.

Hm, also, perhaps the temple wall that encloses the nats could be better placed to reposition the choke to better fundamentally support pathing to and from the base.
i think this map has quite alot of potential... and its the 1st 1 u did in which i see that.. :p GJ man got way better!

1 thing tho, i think theres 1 experimental feature i tried putting in a few of my maps u could use of...

making a supply/rack blocking half of the ramp or something.

anyway, watever u do about it, GJ on map

deco could use of a rework.. but the map itself seems quite cool
"You ever play katrina, Morrow?"
ok first katrina is a protoss map totally, and for second katrinas choke is wallable.
modified by MorroW
Just some slight variation between katrina's main/nat layout and that of this map =/
And Katrina is a protoss map because of the expo layout and expo structure (specifically, the ease of harassing the expos).
Good map but either make the in-main expo or the expo right outside the main a minonly, don't place gas on both of them. Katrina at least has a narrow distance between the starting location (SL) and the edge of the map. In your map the outcrop of land that sticks out away from the SL will just make the wide ramp more problematic especially for terran. Like Nightmarjoo suggested you can move the main closer to the ramp, then I would suggest to narrow the choke a bit or place neutrals or minerals there to that effect.
Ok, so..

Those corners don't have gas anymore.
Start location moved.
Added neutral buildings to ramp.

Im gonna redeco this today i think.
modified by SiaBBo

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