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Last update for (4)butterflies0.2 : 2008, 02, 15 22:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1259 (4)butterflies0.2 128*128noname0.1beta

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

soo.. it's been a while, but here you see another new symmetric 4 player map i created. again some standart structurs with a little twist to hopefully give some space for good games.

..your main has a choke is partly blocked with a neutral building and is as wide as a barracks, but unbuildeable because of doodads

..the nat has got five 1500, one 1000 and 2 500 min patches the gas is at 4000

..the cliffable corner expos are with 6 1500 mins and 2000 gas. at first they were planned as min onlies, but i decided to lower the gas amount at the nats and give these low extra gases(not sure about this decision thought)

..the small bridge pieces in the centre are kinda special.. because the rest of the map is high ground. so they are usable for micro battles.

..the paths aren't too small i hope (they are fine imo)

tell me your thoughts please. ..and i wouldn't mind if one found the time to do a test game ;) (cause as you know i do not play starcraft myself)

ps: the map is called "butterflies and hurricanes" actually, but that would cause a too long filename.
modified by noname
See GMCS, and i would make more building room in the mains. I think that you really need some more space.

Great map. Nice tought whith the center, i am very intrested to see how it's in game, i've never seen such tileset before :) .
nicely constructed no complaints or suggestions at this time.

what are those 'structures' in the middle?
mmh i think that a push tank with bunker in tvz, is hard to stop for zerg and take out easy the natural of the zerg
Structures near the nat are overdone. not the walls, but the stuff that makes the area by the nat and 2nd nat really cramped. at least remove the one closest to the 2nd nat.
thanks for the comments :)

i removed the things lgi suggested and made the mains a bit larger.

nastymarine // see first post ;) "..the small bridge pieces in the centre are kinda special.. because the rest of the map is high ground. so they are usable for micro battles."

valkyrion // do you mean like on martian cross? i placed doodads behind nat. so there won't be a bunker. :)
modified by noname
ok but however tank can shoot, and zerg can't slow down the push tank with sunken...
the dentist
martian cross and namja iyagi are both balanced. refer to those before judging this map
acuatelly martian cross was not a balanced map at all lol. Terran pwnage, i think it was like 57 % Terran win vs Protoss.

thats as bad as chameleon ZvP
the dentist
rekrul will take any T on that map. WCG is a horrible source for stats, the vast majority of games are not even close skillwise. you need a much larger sample to say anything about martian cross besides newbie bashing and newbies whining.
any T? i doubt it. anyway i wasnt saying you have to believe me.

this map is different because it has a huge center.

on martian cross is was a bunch of small paths and single bridges to MAJOR EXPOS, i mean 1 bridge, cmon.
rek will take any t on martian cross, just like he took artofglory.

oh wait.
it looks even better up close in the editor where you can really see all the doodads.

any reason why you didn't want z to fast expand?
martian cross and balanced??? plz no say this shit, is imba tvz t with push can easly stopped a natural of zerg....and i can judje cuz i have played on it....
martian cross and namja are not balanced. and the thing about "the majority of games is not equally skillwise" is bullshit, sorry. you will learn this in math later on. when there is a "Gauß'sche Normalverteilung", which is approx. given by WCG or PGT due to the high number of games, the skill differences equalize each other.

if there are 1000 tvz-games, 400 are about the same skill. 400 are slightly different, but not influencing the statistics much. for the rest of the 200 games, yes, there is a large skill difference. but, here comes the point: 100 of them, there has been Z>>>>T in skill. the other 100, it has been T>>>>Z. the more games are played, the more a balanced map gets a winning ratio of 50%. no matter of extrem cases of skill discrepancies, they will not influence the result.

if with this distribution of games, a map has 40%z and 60%t ratio, then it is imbalanced because most games - due to the ranks in about the same skill level - will end like this. for the few gosus that are passing this group, there is half z and other half t, so they equalize in ZvT stats.

all provided, the t and z gamers are approx. 50% terrans and 50% zergs. if this ratio differs more than 5% (like 55/45 or higher), the statistics are slightly made worse or slightly made better (like, 60% T and 40% Z will be 62/38 or 58/42) but the tendency and so the balance of the map is still remarkable.
namja resemblence is barely there. The thing that fucks namja is the high ground and the expo behind main.
i knew i saw under my maps the so-called "new features"from troy.not even the middle decoration was made before in this map, also the very new(-_-)feature with the blocked main much about the new features in troy...

next time before you people fall into a collective enthusiasm you should better check the db from time to time.that way you will avoid to embarrass will be amazed how many interesting features are hidden in older maps.
modified by Grief_Stricken
"you will avoid to embarrass yourself"

believe it or not.i haven't expect a mature reply.and i tell you why.because the most here are still pathologicaly caught in their childhood - or kids.this means the ability of reflection and self-criticism is not developed yet,respectively not available.

that's why i cant be really annoyed about you
well you still bothered to reply with a shorter essay, it kinda says it all.
modified by starparty
You've lost me. Are we still talking about the map? Or are we too busy insulting each other?
modified by Rye
mjaroo vs carkling forever
eeeh not "vs"

i'm going with him.

stupid Grief_Chicken :/
Words like 'henceforth' and 'fallacious' do not make you smart. In fact they merely facilitate your velocitation as an anaspeptic fromuloid.
- Gorbet (from BlizzForums)

modified by spinesheath
man alive!!! using this exerpt was a bad idea to point out what you obviously wanna point out.the basic message of this statement is entirely moronic.what it predicates in the first part is revokedin the second.with easy understandable words the 1 part says -clever words don't make you smart.and the 2 part tell you what you become when you use clever words,with the help of clever are caught in your own trap,man.

clever words make you look bad if you use them pointless like in the second part of your exerpt,wherever the context doesnt alow their use.but if you believe that the use of intelligent words is a sign of weakness your are wrong.intelligent words are able to transport a message whitout saying much.that's why each science has it's own particular vocabulary.with those"clever"words you can talk more precisely-straight to the point.the only condition is to understand their meaning.

well,people have different education levels.this is a fact,if you are prepared to accept this or not.sorry if this makes you fell inadequate.

but the tragedy comes when people doesn't understand even ordinary words.very easy to recognize when you read their example take a look to the aswer of your pal,nightmarjoo.where in my comment i ever said this map is just like troy?!!??? this says everything.i finally said that this map used long before troy the same features.
- sprites to block the entrace to the mains.this means variable width of their matter if in troy they use 2 or more sprites,it's the same procedure.and it has the same effect if you destroy them
- the second feature about i have spoken was the use of the bridge tiles to create that decoration in the middle of the matter if in troy they create bigger structures with these tiles,it's the same procedure.

howling and rail against doesn't change anything.

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