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Last update for (2)Tempest : 2007, 01, 13 07:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1257 (2)Tempest 128*96maximumdan0.1beta

The map has been rated 38 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

nice layout but its very tight. the main to main distance is very short so i cant really imagine many units fighting in the middle.
modified by NastyMarine
no fe for zerg
thanks for commenting

i've noticed a good ammount of pro maps now don't have a nat where the main is blocked. the guide to map making also says it is not necessary as long as the nat has gas. the second route should also help zerg compensate for this. I wanted to make a map with similair game play as raid assault, but with a middle.

@nasty, should i make the middle smaller then to widen other parts of the map out like more room at 12 / 6 expos? i put a lot of room on both sides of all the chokes in the map. I think the middle will need to be used to attack your opponent's expansions.
The naturals are set up exactly the same as (2)Smoking Barrels... And the same problems are apparent. I think Terran would enjoy this map because of the Holes and drop zones around the mains. Also, there are cliffs around every expansion (except nats).
well the whole map is set up pretty much the same as smoking barrels, but don't big drop zones in the mains help zerg a lot more than terran? the holes are mistakes i'll take care of- still need to add doodads. i can take the cliffs off the corner expos, but i thought that alternate routes hurt terran, and they would need the help.
Well, those drop zones will also help zerg a lot too (lurks), but the map as a whole is T favored with the cliffs and bridges.
z can fast expand, no more cliffs behind corner expos.
the dentist
rebuilt to be less tight. middle is now much more worthwhile to fight over.
how about making a bige custom ramp on starforge rather than having 2 small ramps? it will balance pvt considerably.
the nat's exit I meant
can't get starforge to work i'm an idiot. that was my plan to eventually do that from the beginning though.
modified by maximumdan
wide ramps added
map looks really good imo.. srry i never commented back .. i guess i overlooked it :/ .. i cant really suggest nemore but it looks good man good work.. middle really isnt that bad but still not battles consisting over 100 units are gonna be entertaining etc
Yeah, looks a lot better than when you started man, GJ.
i like it considerably. although i really think T can turtle up easily.
with the two entrances and having them both be a good distance from the minerals, T trying to turtle isn't that much of a threat, or so it seemed in the games I played on it.

The bases were too close together before, much cheese was possible. This also makes a bigger center for nasty and his 100+ units.

I will make the ramps wide again, it just takes me a while and I wanted to get this up tonight.

the dentist
it may still be t>p. toss have to hold a 3rd gas wide open and really close to the t's push in order to be even/ahead of them.. 2 base terran > 2.5 base toss for sure. give the nat or main more gas, it helps toss more than T imo.
you mean put 75000 in the geyser?
the dentist
no, that doesnt really help toss enough. then again 8-10k in the main might. but i was thinking more an extra geyser somewhere, like 2 2.5k ones at a nat that is far from a push, to help toss get carriers or arbs up and running.
yo this map is fine the way it is. gj.. let reps prove ur imba at this point
i hope you mean 7500 gas ;D
the dentist
we really can't prove imba in our community, because none of us are that good, and some are just way better than others. it is much better to simply compare the situations of maps to maps with known balances.
made a lot of changes, but still the same concept.

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