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Last update for (4)Jungle_Raid : 2006, 07, 25 06:34
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1256 (4)Jungle_Raid 128*128flothefreak1.0final

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 58 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i may open up the center, it is quite tight. the minonlies there would disappear then.
note that there are only six minblocks in each mainbase, it should favor zerg. the natural is quite safe, too, and if an enemy is attacking, he has to fight upwards. there is also a semi-cliff which can be cleared by destroying those neutral buildings.

the 2nd expo of each player has gas, too. but there are 300-mineral-blocks which deny the gas until you mined them.

it looks more standard on first glance than it actually is. it's just that those are small changes which don't really catch the eye right away.
uh, and this is the jungle map for SP :S
12 gas might be a bit much, i would lower the ammount in each gyeser. blue's nat looks like it has less building room than others. I would leave the center how it is, it shouldn't be too hard to flank to compensate for not being all that open. gj i like the look of this map.
this is cool, I like the neutral buildings' use

you might have a problem though, with the second nat. workers will end up mining the mineral blocks by themselves and it might get a bit annoying

also the min onlys in the middle aren't necessary, get rid of them and put some structure thing there. there's already enough money on the map
thx 4 replys. the point is that workers shall mine the minblocks away ;)

i will see to the middle. i added the minonlys due to the less minblocks in mainbases and naturals. do you really think they aren't necessary? thinking of 2on2 esp.
modified by flothefreak
y i agrre with boongee the min in the center aren't necessary remove them and olso they are too near the 2 expos
Better get rid of those 4 min only expands. YOU HAVE TO DELETE THEM, PLEACE! And for that, you can add more min blocks to the main base, so you won't need more expands on the map, even in 2v2 mode. This is my system on some of my maps. When i can't find any room for 2 more extra expands, i put min blocks to some of the active expands on the map, and the resurs are enought.
but i espacially wanted few minerals in mainbase due to the safe expo

maybe i just increase the value of the mainbase-minblocks
modified by flothefreak
This might be a good solution. I would give it a try.
crowded, although much more balanced then TW.

i recommend losing the mineral onlies in mid as others said.

theres already enough cash without them,
i opened up the center while erasing the minonlies there. i increased mainbase-minerals to 2500 each.
so it has 6x2500 = 15000 instead of normal 8x1500 = 12000. you actually have more money in the mainbase now, but it only lasts longer because you can't mine it as fast as normally. so dropping or harassing the main is more attractive even in midgame i guess.

also changes mainbase decoration (was horrible) and gave blue's natural some more building space. dropholes are now filled, too.

i am not fully satisfied with the center, but it may work for this map and probably be necessary for this kind of map.
uploaded a replay. the map turned out more macro-focussing than expected. still i think it is quite interesting: the natural is quite easy to get, but after this, heavy battles about the 2nd expo begin. the 2nd expo has a high value for the game, so there's much action about it. the thing with the 6 (highvalue) minerals in main turned out to be very interesting: you get money slower, but the main lasts longer before being empty. that is really changing gameplay somehow, more than expected.

do you think i may have to add another 2 expos? or just remove some minerals on the natural? watching the replay before commenting might help to answer this...i am kinda undecisive here.
no i think is ok..
You should really ask yourself what good the blocking minerals at the choke are good for. No player in the (long and entertaining btw) replay you posted mined them away to move more easily. Experience shows no one does it, and so it only is annoying.
well, when having to make an entrance without ramp, it is a pain in the ass making entrances that are equal for walling as terran, while still needing the exact same amount of zeals to block it. adding mineral walls is the easiest way to do this
Yeah, didn't experience any pathing trouble, so that seems to be the best sollution.
the dentist
chameleon but less interesting. awesome.
as this map continues to be added to the MOTW competition, i made an update. i slightly improved the ramps, though they are still not perfect in look (but i just DONT wanna waste time on this regarding the sun and temperature outside :D). i also decreased the naturals minerals to a value of 900 (remember, the main has 2500 each). I really think i will experiment with slightly higher values in main in my future maps as approach of balancing certain matchups on maps with NO safe FE.
FE-macro-style must be stopped...
The spirit of LT may protect you. What you say ? You don' have Isles. OK ! Riiight !!! I call her LT(without Isles). Joking. Not bad but wenn the experimented mappers makes such sins what u expect from the new generation.

--wut)sQuadron; Artanis[Xp] vs mmmhyeah; feLs(2on2, 1.13)

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