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Last update for (2)Self Esteem : 2007, 11, 01 18:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1260 (2)Self Esteem 96*128s17eoulnightly513~1.3final

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 80 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

buildingspace anyone?
where are you supposed to place some buildings? 8[

and strange expansionlayout. but it is a bad-strange, not a good-strange :/
player can build 16 factory in main. you blind or just dumb? why you attack in all my map? delete you.
another 16 facoly in high ground. 32 factory and hardly any minral. think about!!
get rid of the lava in the main base, theres no room
there is enough room for almost all style. no map allows every style... this map creates more style than it remove. you should see it.
s17, don't be so defensive. They are right how are you going to make enough factories, supply depots, turrets etc. or pylons, tech buildings and gateways?

There's no point in having lava that cuts into the main base,it just gets in the way.

And never offend flothefreak. :)
sorry i was angered by comments on other maps, pan saying to delete everything!! very rude to me. that explains this defenses...

i can build enough supply depot, factory to produce main and nat inside that main... try this, you will see it too.

there is advantage to taking high ground, get more space. pto will do this against terlans. only time it matters. except terlan terlan but... why care about that, it is all same...
i am sorry flo i did not realize you were not panshck who attack me so bad. flo i love you
uh sorry if my comments were too harsh, i didn't intend to offense. i just often say in plain short text what i think. and the thing about mainbase size: what is possible is not what players do. of course you can fill, with certain plans, many buildings in such a main. but still think about what is comfortable and probably done by players. also consider unit movement out of the base.

and the backyard behind the mainminerals... you cannot really put train buildings there because unit-AI would be screwed when trying to leave it.
if you try it you would see you wrong...

it is not hard to know how to build factory. and units do not get lost. they rally easy.... should i make a replay to show you how incredible complicated it is to use unorthodox space that allows completely new styles?
oh crap if i would have to build my factories behind minerals I would get pissed when I try to get my units out of there.~10factories and the AI is fucked up and there goes your nerves.

by the way the map is terran imbalanced because terran can shoot like the whole main of the oppenent.
almost true, except for other features of the map. many features are counterbalanced. that is how for create map that is not identical with every other map.

tight terrain is terlans... but many gas, few mineral, good island, big second natral is not. terlan do not have the money for marine against zerg, or your 20 factory in 1 base..., while pto will carrier faster, and zerg gas will hive unstopable...

units are easy to get out....
I think the concept could be good.. but i dont like the execution :O

If some1 could pimp this too it would be nice ^_^lol

btw, I think youd just have to work on deco, maybe a couple of balance issues, maybe move an expo or 2, or even add one, and this map could really be awesome and unique :P

gj for concept

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