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Last update for (2)Crustacean : 2007, 05, 02 05:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2187 (2)Crustacean 96*128Alumni0.3beta

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

hahaha was high when i came up with this idea... it's been done for awhile just haven't uploaded it until now. I didn't make the map WHILE high, just came up with the idea lol.

i don't know how it will play though, players get to open up the middle of the map by destroying the lobster's insides and shell!

ramp min block is 32 or 40, i don't remember, it is intentionally moved to the side a little to let only worker units + lings/rines/lots through one at a time. I wanted to completely block it off but it would create pathing problems.

mature chrysalis is 250hp
modified by Alumni
Well, congratulations! You have just joined the club of map mapmakers who make their map look like something (Meltdown Man, map ID 790 and Pooh, map ID 512). There may be others I am not aware off.

However, I am concerned that the bottom part of the map will be irrelevant and that the double choke will make defense difficult. Also what race who do you intend to benefit from those crysalises blocking the building of the command center/hatchery/nexus in the nat? Finally the particular inverted ramp that you chose is ugly. There is another balands ramp that has grass at the bottom, I used it in my map Caissa (map ID 1995). You can add grass tiles tiles to smooth the transition from gas to dirt.
the choke at the bottom of the min blocked ramp is made small compared to the choke at the nat so it's defendable. (will find out through testing)

the bottom of the map will be used for their exps especially if the game goes longer because alot of people forget or just don't use drops often. (aside from nat and gas exp, other exps are at bottom or island aside from the exp at the head)

gameplay in general will stretch to the bottom of the map on a good game because all the neutrals will be destroyed making the middle open for flanking and bigger battles.

i didn't intend to benefit any race with the chrysalis, i'm just making the early three base take longer to secure or else some mu's will become imbalanced. they're put there for general gameplay and applies to all races in certain matchups. It changes the timing a bit for expanding because you gotta use units to clear em up. It's pretty easy to secure once you've got it all set up.

i dunno about your opinion on the inverted ramps. the ramps are definitely not going down to grass terrain so having grass at the bottom of the ramp instead of rocky ground to mud, back to rocky ground, would look weird imo (anyone else think so?)
modified by Alumni
I suggest to use normal ramps (if you want with minblock) instead of the inverteds. Doesn't cause some weird terrain, and because of the symmetry it is fair of course. Won't change gameplay a lot.
hmm true but where would i put the normal ramps if i took out inverteds?

or do you mean put the min block on the normal ramp instead of the inverted? (the distances from main to main would be way too close if i did this)
modified by Alumni
Change the position of the natural next to the inverted ramp a little, and modify the cliff a bit, then you can put the ramp just horizontally above the position of the inverted. GMC.
I wna test this... :) mJ.RaDiX@Europe, msg me!
spinesheath: with the ramps far apart from each other how can zerg defend the entrances? right now a hatchery at the bottom of claw where both ramps are, they can sunk up both sides and even on the edge of the cliff to protect the nat which is actually supposed to be the min only. i want players to expand there first so that they aren't too close to each other in the early game. can you see where i'm coming from?

hey RaDiX, i'll go online throughout the week in spurts and play on europe, i'll /f a and if you're on i'll msg ya :)
Yeah, you got a point there.
is there anything else i should pay attention to or explain why i set it up that way?
modified by Alumni
okay, i'll move right on to testing then

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