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Last update for (4)Desperado_060 : 2007, 04, 29 21:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2186 (4)Desperado_060 128*1280.3league

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 12 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Ive seen looser virgins than this map. O.o

The main mineral formations are pro, I bet it took them a long time to get such a great formation -.- With wandering down timing builds will all be off =/

Their solution to gas issue is 2gas? lol :)

idk this map is ok.

Thanks to whoever uploaded, I wish we had author, for this and the other starleague maps I've uploaded...
There also is that horrible difference in distances between horizontal and vertical/diagonal positions.
Yeah, i uploaded this map and Loki. I thought it will take some time before these maps would be uploaded.^^ The map description is korean, so i didn't know who is the author. Terrance, a korean mapper made Phyton, Monty Hall and Nemesis. Geometry is made by Valkyrie. Thats all i know.
yeah, positional imba is very evident in this map, dunno how the testers find this map balanced...
Do they find it balanced, actually?
well when posted up about the new maps being used for msl, someone translated the article into english and in it they actually find it balanced through testing in game with i guess the amateurs/semi-pros/training partners of other pros or something like that
funny how we dont allow BM here but we BM the korean maps/mappers.....neways Azure Pasture>this
We criticize their maps harshly, but not the korean mappers (at least not much). BMing korean mappers is not acceptable either (tell me if there is some serious offense that I haven't seen/realized).
yeah there is, i remember u were saying one koraen mapper was on drugs while making the map, and their dumb... i duno i read alot of the coemmnts on the forums/maps
"Azure Pasture>this" LOL

thanks ptar, I'll update authors too thanks.
what it the terran going to do against zerg with all that early gass? (the same with protoss against terran) looks like going to change the gameplay heavily, i mean, Totally! zerg will have enought gass to make muta-hydra? muta-lurk? WTH

why doesn't the natural have a gass?
there is no more gass, each player have 2 min only! terran will rock in late game
Zerg won't rock so much. Yes, 2 gas at main, but there is very little gas elsewhere. Terran has those 2 gas as well, and mass vessel rocks.
On horizontal positions, terran can push so easily, and on vertical/diagonal terran has enough time to secure his half of the map.

Protoss can get tons of temps, or will pull off sair/dt easily.
well, even if the whole map isnt really made wisely, but at least the idea which is YEARS old (doublegas in mains) has finally come to official maps. the more new, gameplaychanging maps appear in pro leagues, the more freedom do mappers have in serious maps. so we for example can now use this easily without getting blamed for imbalance, because this map is worse than almost every doublegas map WE would produce ;D
rax floating, proxy robo, and slow drops ftw
is cool. those strats are hardly used. but on this map, you always have to count with them :>

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