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Last update for (2)DedraterV1.16 : 2006, 11, 28 19:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1801 (2)DedraterV1.16 128*96Chef@USWest (PsychoTEMPlar)0.3final

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 20 points


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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

this was an idea i had, instead of money maps, SLOWCRAFT! i thought it was an interesting way to make a map more micro, but i dunno if you executed it well. its wierd that you can go on that cliff and attack minerals.
I'm worried about the space in the middle being imba for PvT, but that could be fixed by removing the bird and wall thingy.

Let me know you thoughts.
9 minerals in main is more than usual, so maybe it'll only be slow in the beggining o.o
LOL... I just realised the Terran on the right can't build a comstat... No wonder I hadn't touched it since Oct. 5 before I decided to go all out and fisish it today. I'll see what I can do to fix it, maybe scratch the whole dumb idea with the main minerals.
Well, a quick fix, anyway.
how much does that slow down mining?
Unfortuanatly... a ton. But that just means you'll have more gas than usual. It may be a good idea for me to make mining normal however. I just wanted to try something stupid.
I 'fixed' the mineral speed back to normal. Also, small units can now fit through the main minerals to the area behind it.

I'm thinking about removing the lower wall in the middle, just to open it up a bit. Right now it just looks silly and cramped. Thoughts?
modified by PsychoTEMPlar
If I removed the wall I was talking about:
Free Image Hosting at
Another idea, I think better:

Free Image Hosting at
Yeah, I'm gonna use this one.
good map :) i give it 9 :)
Free Image Hosting at

if you want to make it less radical
modified by AiurZ
Free Image Hosting at

Auirz yours is too drastic and takes away too much.
Mine seems more fitting. I only changed left side.
modified by yenku
I made this from what tl.neters told me I should do... I don't really like it.

Free Image Hosting at
modified by PsychoTEMPlar
Newer one, trying to make the map something worth playing I guess.

Free Image Hosting at
i like the last one version, psychotemplar. keep it and install a 16-min-each-mineral-blocking wall on the spots i marked on GMCS. but pay attention to tank range.
modified by flothefreak
modified by flothefreak
Free Image Hosting at
I don't like what I see here,really nothing special.The bottom hurts my eyes.If you wanna see a good 2pl. map on ashworld check Flo's Awoken Demons.

I know this is not a help but you try to push here a average,standard concept.You will find many maps with this kind of layout on other tilsets.Oh,yeah !
I have yet to see someone in the three different websites ive visited to even respond to my suggestion.
I really think that mine keeps the idea that he wanted best and still balances racewise.
Not really so experimental anymore, but I'm hearing really good thing about it.
pretty original at some points, but well made overall, good work !

i would remove the gas from the 6h expo. 1: 4gas/player is enough imo. 2: the top placed geyser causes pathfinding problems when you travel your units get stuck in the gas-economy.
*Fixed a mineral imbalance between the players... oddly enough, even though the formations were exactly the same reletive to the start location, the right side had one peon making a super long trip from the top patch for some reason. It was really frustrating, but I think I've solved the issue.
I redid the decoration aspect of the map to try and make it look better. I also made the bases just a little bit smaller becase I got a comment they were huge, and I felt like it'd be nice to have more magma in the middle.

So what looks better, this (new one):
Free Image Hosting at

Or the old one, which is uploads as the picture for this map.
I like the newer one's mains, but the decoration on both is lacking. Instead of making a solid thing of shale or lava (that's not magma...) try a blend of shale, lava, and that other rock. Broken rock, something like that.
The top is magma, which is what I'm refering to when I say extended into the mains. I'm not really sure that's at all possible =S I'm going to play it today and see how it looks in game... The bottem I can definitly mix up a bit though.
Yea it doesn't really work... everytime you up a little bit of shale or broken rock near lava, it runs like a mile for it's life, leaving a huge gap of dirt behind it (which defeats the purpose of unbuildable terrain. I have no objections if you want to try it though lol. You'd recieve due credit ;D
Updated to the newer middle, I like the way it looks better. However, if anyone is willing to decorate for me, I'd be really grateful ^^ It's a little beyond me TT
psycho, the best would be randomized lava decorating and adding many many walkable doodad
Sorry for bumping, just uploaded a prettier version.
OMG you didn't do this in Staredit, i hope? If it's even possible (no idea about Ashworld ISOM terrain, Ash suxx^^)
I like AshWorld ;P 1.16 decorations are done with some old version of StarForge.

--Chef vs PrayLove^^(1on1, 1.14)
--Chef vs PrayLove^^(1on1, 1.14)
--Chef vs PrayLove^^(1on1, 1.14)
--HnR)o.O vs HnR)Insane(1on1, 1.14)
--Beater vs Maar(1on1, 1.14)

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