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Last update for (4)Gae-Reuk 1.3 : 2007, 01, 04 17:54
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1861 (4)Gae-Reuk 1.3 128*128Winpark0.1final

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

well ur execution is pretty good, but the expos (the nats and min onlies) are way too ez to grab. This map wont play nicely with such tucked in expos players can grab easily. that hurts the map alot.
its aight, i guess
lacking beauty. scatter rocks & mud through the entrances & mineral onlies & nat WAY to close
It looks nice. You have the skills to make good maps, but this one in particular doesn't bring any new cards to the table if you know what I mean.
The map is updated.
please look the picture of this map;
What are those Khaydarin Crystal Formations for?
Please.. play at custom or 1vs1 in this map.
and search all start location...
then you'll know what means.
modified by winpark
It's the famous stone in the shoe...

You change the name of the map;I wished you better work on the map itself.Just a hint:the top mains are bigger then the ones on the bottom.
The map is updated.

Khaydarin Crystal Formations
-> Overmind with shell
Now... what's the big deal pushing the workes aside? Isn't this only harassing?
wtf is with the overminds. That's retarded.
what in the fuck is with those things?
we know it was created by you, dumbass! tell us whats with those things!
They create an extreme positional imbalance. The players that spawn on top can mine minerals immediately while the players on the bottom have to move around the overminds to mine the minerals.
The same imbalance exists witout the overminds... Just the other way round. It it's not "extreme", yet noticable especially in zvz when you see when your opponent dropping down his 12 hatch (or whatever) 1-2 seconds before you could. That's about it then, though.

The main problem I have with this is that it does only irritate players, nothing else...
Feels nice in game, i will play it some more to see how it is. Btw i want to say that in 2v2 buildigns do not appear. I don't know how it's in 1v1, maybe they appear on the locations where none of the players starts. If this is as i am thinking, then it's a good thing, imo, because this will slow zerg in owning the whole map, while he holds the protoss forces whit works and shits for a cuple of minutes.
Hmm, since when are those overminds in those positions... Well ok.
The overminds shouldn't appear at all, that's what I guess, they should push the workers aside, though.
So the deal in 1v1 is. Every non zerg race start whith some creep around the nexus/cc (the spots where the zerg overminds are whit the creep), and on spots where there is no players you have to destroy two zerg overminds to get the expand. Thats it.

-- vs (1on1, 1.14)
--LGI, PlaZma vs fondacia_zerg, zet(2on2, 1.14)
--LGI vs BeHgeTTa(1on1, 1.14)

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