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Last update for (2)Virtual Ter : 2006, 12, 09 22:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1869 (2)Virtual Ter 96*96RaDiX0.2beta

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 11 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Original name: (2)Virtual Terror, again some problems naming the map... So, this is my 1st 96x96 map and i don't think it's very good.. (Maybe none of my maps are ^^)... It's so difficult to make a 96/96 map... Tell me your thoughts...
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the neutral temple will be a bitch for pathing.

the mineral formations are ugly for the mains.

Otherwise the map doesn't look too bad. I think it should play well; let's see what scout has to say about terran balance.
RaDiX, when uploading a new map, it says that the map name must be terminated with "(o)" or "(n)". The last 3 characters of the name will be truncated, no matter what they actually are.
You uploaded like 5 maps or so now, but didn't read that yet... Oo
Looks good except for the bridge, the temples (pathing), and the - especially to terrans - exposed naturals.

to see only the name, the "(n).scm" part (which is 6 last letters) gets deleted when showing the mapname. if you drop the (n)-thing, the display cuts the 6 last letters as well - but it doesnt fit the formula and thus fucks up the last 3 map letters
wow that cliffable natural and the exposed geyser on it makes zerg fight three times much than he did normally. the third inland gasexpo is also poorly defendable. doodads are not so well-placed. i imagine in the center moving armies will be annoying, maybe zeals, lings get stuck in the trees and rocks. and yeah again pathing...

well now the good points: i see you have some so innovative idea, that are separated from the great by the lack of exigentness and precision. work on your maps even if you get criticism time and time again, stop rushing maps, but try to improve what you have done so far. you must plan every map to the detail, you must keep the balance in mind. you mustnt forget the players demands, so make the map comfortable for them, try to avoid annyoing and stucky parts. if you have an idea? great. now investigate how will affect that innovative element the balance, and work on how to repair it if there is a problem. after many analyzing and altering, upload it. do not leave the map, but upgrade it as we point out which things should be fixed and what elements can cause imbalances. only after a lot of time can a map be called finished. i hope you will create such map once. keep it up!

by the way Virtual Terrot [VT]is a hungarian clan, whom are playing in BWCL and one of the top clans among us :P
modified by Antares
Anteras roff, i know virtual terror is a clan, im part of it ^^ RaDi-X[VT] haha :D.. And btw, i don't rush my maps.. These 5 maps i've uploaded i have used ~a month for each... Just it's that no1 want's to test my maps :( . And flo, i am not that stupid.. I've done it, and it gives me good name, but then i can't download my map and i dunno why...
hehe, ive just felt it radix[VT]

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