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Last update for (2)I stay here.. : 2006, 12, 21 23:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1892 (2)I stay here.. 128*128Unsaid0.1beta

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

sick map dude. idk who you are but you make good maps. idk what to critique. ill look at it later
teh one
I really like your map man
id add gas to the corner expos because of the min only nat. also seems like a tough map ZvT so it could use another gas
Cool map. Really tough to defend nat and the backdoor kinda makes me cautious though. Keep up the good work.
the map has a very cool style and structure, good work. it seems tight and the natural/backdoorexpo also quite easy to secure for terran. but i think the overall layout strechted the map enough to handle that. but early-to-midgame terrans will play quite defensive.
also, there is no expo in the center which makes the gameplay different.

i like it overall
tvz imba, pvt = good, pvz = imba
Gas @nat would be nice (remove gas @ backdoor?), and pulling the ramps next to the natural a little farther away would be a good thing imo as well.
modified by spinesheath
why do random noobs like syndrome just think they can decide balance on a map?
why do random dickheads have to just judge ppl left and right for their opinions?
anyway, about the map, it would be best to get rid of that backdoor... the pathfinding for late game would be terrible. It will ruin the map alot unfortunatelty. Other than that, the min only nat is fine, Zerg can live.. it wouldnt be impossible for a Zerg to play in Zvt etc.

shall we put this in the next untourney?

btw i think you may need more gas for zvt tho :/
modified by NastyMarine
why does nastymarine suck ass and think he owns this forum or something?

it wasnt an opinion, its just an idiotic statement
syndrome is really brilliant in his decisions though. I mean tvz is definitely imba, I just can't see why or where, but it sure is. zvt won't be a problem because the nat has plenty of room for sunks, and the excess minerals allow a fast taking of the backdoor and it's on a cliff = easy to defend. tvz won't be any harder because no gas nat just = more mnm and less tanks or vessels, but z has less gas too so fewer lurks or muta; they can just take their backdoor thing too if they want gas.
However I would be more comfortable with the nat having the gas and the mineral only having no gas.

For zvp they have fewer lurks and muta and more lings if they don't take the backdoor, and pvz has less storm/archons. Honestly with the way the map is set up I can't see there being any issues with zvt or zvp at all.

I can't see tvp being an issue either; there isn't much flank room, but the nat being gasless = fewer tanks at start = a lesser need for flanking. t will have more vults and p more zlots, I think the map is fine racially.

I agree with nasty that that that backdoor in the main might be bad, and the backdoor expo doesn't need it, but it might be fine too.

Honestly this is a very good map, it is both open and tight and positionally is good. Decoration could use some doodads though^^
"why does nastymarine suck ass and think he owns this forum or something?

it wasnt an opinion, its just an idiotic statement"

just because i cant beat u in starcraft doesnt mean I dont have any type of understanding of the game. I dont understand why you are such an asshole to ppl on this site for.. its not necessary. Just because u can beat members of this site doesnt give you any right to bm ppl. So plz say more ok. please give me a reason so i can see why your bming is necessary. It sounds like just because you dissagree with some1, u feel u have the right to say bullshit to ppl. its not right. And i dont own the forums, but i do feel there is a need to put ppl in their place u feel they can bm ppl just for a small comment. so plz keep making an ass out of urself

btw it was his opinion.. your misjudgement makes it an "idiotic" statement. therefore you are the one who is rong if you had no pride, you would just stop.
modified by NastyMarine
Nasty just pwnd Inept
gg no re
tktkvroom stfu -_-

i have no problem making an ass out of myself, if its for a reason. he has no right to claim imbalance on anything, and it is not an opinion as he did not provide any examples to why. an opinion is i believe zvt is imbalanced because X and Y. he just gave a blatant idiotic post.
and actually being better at starcraft does give me the right to override theorycraft as i have more experience, similar to that i would not argue with a progamer.

your post above just shows what i say about you trying to control the forums, i can make fun of some1's lame post if i want

i only have to say one thing. Trying to keep the forums gm is what i am trying to do. BMing me does nothing but make u look like an idiot. Your skill in sc proves little... it just shows the majority of the site that you are full of yourself.
"and actually being better at starcraft does give me the right to override theorycraft as i have more experience" -Inept

um no it dont. My teacher has been playing sc since it came out & I've only been playing for 3 years. & now I can beat him np. Take a wild guess who knows more about imbas & sc.....yeah my master durrrrr so no just cuz you can beat someone means nothing

GG no RE
i have more experience then you tktk. stop kissing nasty's ass

and lmao nasty. fucking hypocrite. you started the BM against me
modified by lnept
since when am I kissing nastys ass, its more like supporting a friend. Ppl are usualy really stupid when they claim they are better then someone b4 ever even playing them. ^^,,l,,
idk pro mappers know less about sc and map balance than us :)
nasty lnept is just saying syndrome is an idiot who won't even try and back up his stupid calls, that's all.
And Inept is saying this in a completely unsuitable way. So, everyone, why can't you just be polite?
Inept could also have said "Don't state somthing about balance without giving reasons" instead of calling Syndrome a "random noob"
Nasty didn't have to call inept a "random dickhead" either.

Really, learn to control yourself, guys...
spines ur right, but lnept's behavior merits it when he bms someone that didnt deserve it for typing a simple comment. If it was a person who does that all the time in bm, lets say like: mosq, then i think i wouldnt think twice about telling him to be quiet. but this is totally different.
I always thought you guys were assholes for being so mean to mosq, I thought he was funny =/
Interesting map, very nicely done. You might wanna add more doodads around the map, like trees and stuff. It also lacks gas expansions, maybe add a couple more geysers in the corner expos (@ 1 and 7).

I think the main issue here is ZvT. Due to the lack of gas at your nat expos, the overall lack of gas, the backdoor entrance and the gas expo cliffs (@ 3 and 9) which overlook the nat expo (terran can opt for fast tank push and siege on the cliff), I believe terran will dominate against zerg. If their main strat fails they have a back-up plan equally as good as their first plan. Say t goes 3rax mm, zerg sunkens his somewhat open nat, 3 scvs around to the backdoor and marines pour through. A normal fast tank could push from wherever, and if the push fails you have the backdoor option AGAIN. Plus zerg's only viable plan is to go for lurkers, which makes it predictable for terrans.

TvP looks ok, PvZ I think is ok also, however I don't really see the point in the poor gas expos @ 11 and 5, PvZ toss would rather expo to the gas expos @ 3 and 9. Make those expos normal ones so toss has an option to expand either up or down.
i totally agree with GRC-Deathlink, nothing to add :)
more geysers, but for the tvz comment i think it would play similarly to nostalgia, and wasnt nostalgia z>t?

and the nat is really really open.
nasty you barely even know what merit means. syndrome ALWAYS post "X matchup, imba"
ok ur telling me what words i dont know now? lol ok tell me more of what i dont know.. besides that im an idiot
well you used it correctly just in the wrong context. Merit is to be deserving of, but in a positive way. Like receiving an award. So unless you were giving me an award for being BM...if thats the case, then im touched.
Offtopic: Nick, though I like you, I have to admit inept has a handle on you there.
However, I think the map author would appreciate the topic changing to the map, instead of personal grudges, and how to improve it.

ONTOPIC: It looks like a really well structured map. The problem to me is that it seems that there are too many roads, and that players will get confused. You have to remember that most players won't play 934834 games on this. It isn't a pro map, people like to understand maps easily the first time they play it. I suggest simplyfying it a bit, such as removing the mineral wall which could get you into pathing trouble later on.
Another point is to add geysers to the mineral onlies. As it is now, I think most races, espcially zerg will have a lack of gas. This means less lurkers, while T can still pump a lot of m&m. Generally, a lack of gas works in terran's favor, so please fix this.
modified by LaO-Artanis

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