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Last update for (4)Fallen Matrix : 2006, 05, 08 21:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
19 (4)Fallen Matrix 128*128Peatza[Ag]1.0final

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 50 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I hope peatza can forgive me that I added the map in the ESGL version that has not been finished by himself. But this version is probably the one most people will know in the future.

I think it it hard to get the 2. expansion, the map is not as terran friendly as some might think because of all the cliffs.
The replays I've seen (mapmatch and others) of my map has been pretty interesting games so far. I'm happy to see that my ideas are coming to life in the minds of everyone who plays the map and that they manage to adjust to the maps terms.

I dislike maps who give the players easy defendable expansion, since it often favours Terran more then the other races. Also, it serves no point.
My own version of the changes made by panschk will be released when I update my map pack.
I'm worried about left vs right (same side) Terran pushes. This map is top quality, though, so I tend to trust whatever he was going for and whatever feedback he already must have had. 9.75.
In PvsT, bottom positions Protoss has the advantage in the beginning of the match. Since there are no ramps, a well executed Goon rush works very well. But Terran can still do wall in and even hold it, that's been shown in replays.
When terran pushes it becomes important that Protoss harass has worked somewhat well or Terran may massed to much units. The ground is unbuildable and there's plenty room for flanking, so Protoss may survive anyway.

You can play the map in many different ways, going for the kill early or by air. Early tactics into middle game strategies to allow good protection for your second expansion is important.
That's what it's all about. You need a solid army to prectect a secound expansion, otherwise you are dead when your main and expos begin to run out of minerals.
The Fallen Matrix replay from the Map Match event hosted by Ashur at is now uploaded.

The replay shows effectivly how poor harrass from Protoss and an early expansion protected by wall in from Terran can decide a outcome that could've been different.
i played this map 2 times and observed about 3 or 4 games at ESGL league

this map rly sux bigtime since its and autowin for terran

u dont like it when the expo can be saved easy peatza ? then just tell me... y has this map a gas nat in the main ?
The master of theorycraft has spoken again. doh.

panschk: That's what it's all about. You need a solid army to prectect a secound expansion, otherwise you are dead when your main and expos begin to run out of minerals.

True, but thats the charm of it. Although, in bottom vs bottom like this game here, a player will have very few posibilities once contained...
XuuL > Starparty
I don't like 11 vs 1 or 5 vs 7 at all on this map. it would be 100% better as a 2 player map (leaving, 11 vs 7 or vise versa)
Damn Xuul, your kicking this guys ass. I enjoy it.
Peatza this is your best map so far. (doesnt say that much)
the dentist
it's creative, but mid is too tight, terran strong...

also, P are weaker on this vs zerg than bifrost, right? and if toss gets into a strong midgame, zerg can still sunken up one of those mid expands

i think this map has a lot of strong balance probs...

--vandam[MG] vs CDS)Gantrior(1on1, 1.12)

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