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Last update for (2)Gulam : 2007, 06, 14 16:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1938 (2)Gulam 128*96RaDiX0.3experimental

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

GRRRR... I hate this upload system, almost as i hate my newest map :D

This is experimental map with neutral buildings in the middle... Mains have 2 entrances, other 1 blocked by building. I tried to make z balance, by making many gas expos... Comments..?

PS: Wtf?!? I Got the picture think working, hot! :).
modified by RaDiX
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1 from me... Guess why.
first of all, use jpg instead of bmp plz
secondly, why is there a start location for player 12? :P
Hmm... LGI i don't...
Remind me to make the upload script more strict in my next update with ridiculous file sizes and map naming :X

Well the map is interesting but i dont know how solid this map will play.

ill gmcs a quick problem.
I think they're same sized now.. Anything else? Should i delete the 2nd entrance/Remake the middle?
GriG? oO

filesize is too big, convert to jpg =/

map will have 0 pathing, those neutrals are largely usless as well as troublesome.
Innovative but really,really pos imbalanced.

6/10. Mirror the map and I'll give you 10/10.
Why does it have to be mirror? And it's not positonal imbalanced imho... Or maybe i cant just see it..
change name to Gulak. it kinda fits the structure, actually :O
Top main is bigger, has a shorter distance to the natural expansion and has the "cliff" to place Siege Tanks on.
ah i may have missed the potential in this (praised be panschks invention of random map). in my opinion, you could really get a hit with this, maybe make it your best innovative map by keeping the disruptor disruption ;D. here is what i suggest:

-remove all those other neutral buildings. you can implement some later on, but for a start i will tell you what i think you should do having removed them.
-remove the 2nd entrance, the overmind and disrupterblock there, and the lowgroundspace behind the natural together with that weird expo. make some kind of (maybe 100% classic, maybe a blocked ramp FROM the natural onto it) cliff behind the natural. but pay attention you create this in a way that it fits into the map, i think you'll need some tweaking and reshaping of the mainbase and natural-minerals-shape. but a cliff would fit in the map there perfectly.
-push the minonly (2nd expo) further towards the center, it should be around where the crevices start now.
-remove all those corner expos and install a whole new - better fitting into the expo layout - setup.
you can also use what is currently water for this.
-gas issue
-the center expos next to the disruptor line look cool, fresh and very interesting for gameplay, so i would keep the for now. if they suck when playing, you'll maybe have to erase them. keep this in mind when redoing the corner and water areas for expansion layout (so you still have options to compensate losing two centerexpos)
-as i am writing this, i get a very cool setup for the cliff-thing which would also help for expo layout. if you cant come up with a working idea for the cliff, i could help you here with something (imo) cool.
-balance the mainbase space. reshape the base layout to get a decent combination of ramp positioning, building space and startloc placement.

that's quite a bunch of thing to change, but i left you much room for your own style in most areas i hope. show me what you can come up with, and then we'll see to turn this blinking stone into a sparking diamond :)
Oh, I haven't noticed your post before... I think I will be re-doing this map; Starting from nothing... You have to wait few weeks (depends, if i get inspiration)

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