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Last update for (2)Dragon Orb : 2006, 03, 22 00:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
195 (2)Dragon Orb 128*128Starparty1.0final

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 60 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Woah, it really looks like 2 dragons !.. it's very beautiful, but i can see theres 2 ramps leading to the mains?? X_X
I hate ashworld T_T

I don't know, isn't the map very loopsided PvT (anti-terran)? With two chokes, 2 completely different paths to the enemy and quite an open middle...
I may be wrong, but that's my impression.

Of course, the optical aspect is almost as nice as with all your other maps starparty.
very pretty design, as always from you. also usually from you, questionable playability for high level certain matchups, despite the very creative and exciting layout.

i think with just minor tweaks this would go from an interesting, well-done, good looking but flawed map into a great map (just with almost all of your maps).

but on second thought, the balance on this map actually is not so clear to me. it looks like most races could easily take two gas expos right away.

this would favor z>t because terran don't usually use all their gas anyways vs zerg in a way, but a terran with 3 bases is also hard in any situation, so i don't know if it's t>z or z>t or if it evens out. my guess would be z>t because of the two entrances and far distance, zerg gets a good solid 2 base mutas going and has 4 geysers while terran has two entrances.

the same can be said about z>p. the distances look far. zerg can get 3 geysers incredibly quickly. but toss can follow more quickly than on most maps. a toss who easily gets extra geysers could be brutal to a zerg like we have not really seen on any land map before. my guess would be p>z because toss can expo a little too easily. but the two entrance thing would slow down toss too. interesting!

those are always the two matchups that are hardest to balance. i think korean map makers tend to focus more on those whereas western players focus more on pvt because they prefer that style of matchup.

pvt on this would be fun, i have no clue about balancing it though.
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This map was made with design in mind. added here in user-beta for you to balanse it out :P I know there is 2 ramps, but i have no idea yet how to make the design come togheter and still be alternate routes to play on. I have some ideas perhaps, but i'll let you think about it for a while first :P
this map deserves play right now as far as i can tell. the matchups are too interesting for me to judge. when i say something is interesting, i mean that i am not a good enough player to judge it. it's beyond me.
This is one of the maps that definitely put visual design before anything, making it extra hard to alter when trying to do some balancing..
After reading the first comment, i already opened up the picture about 6 times and stared at it like an idiot... FINALLY i found the dragonhead (i thought the lava was a fire breth and the thing above was smoke out of the nose), but now i see clear... thank god ^^

As always, the look of the map is good, but it has to few tactical possibilities imo, missing cliffs etc, except the second entry. Well, i almost never played maps with 2 entries, i`m not expierienced in this, so i won`t give a comment on balancing. Sorry :/
Feel free to work on it yourselves if you feel like it. I don't mind. I will probably make a new ver on another titleset anyway, since ash doesn't make as beautiful as other titlesets can imo..
Ash is underrated. Just turn up the brightness or gamma in your screenshot and it will look so much better. Look at Earthquake's picture... notice how you can actually see? :)
Yeah, but in the game you are back to seeing nothing:[
not that anyone notices decoration in-game anyway :P
Yeah, but I have trouble finding my own choke and stuff like that on ashworld^^
Then you really need to turn your monitor brightness up... or get glasses x_x
Super site!
i dont like this map :(
I cannot see the dragoons :/
Just look at the lava / "water" on top, it surrounds the head of the dragon (he looks to the left). and you can see the orb, grabbed by the dragon.

the other dragon is just mirrored :)

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