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Last update for (2)Euphoria : 2007, 01, 30 21:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1954 (2)Euphoria 64*128Ui]Era0.2beta

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 17 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

second melee map ever, deleted my first one because I failed horribly at it so decided to make one on space tile set.

Need some opinions about balancing and makeing this an overall fun map to play on. Any ideas are welcome :)

Also, if someone could, could you post the picture for me? my jpeg converter cuts out the bottom of the map for some reason :S
modified by Ui]Era
Btw, you'd need to tell me the pw for map (you can it with your map postes (like here) if u need any help..
Btw, i've fixed the map's locations n pic imagine but need pw to put it :O

Other than that... Idk about the map, theres not a single expo T cant gay lol, you should try making a 128/128 map next time :) (easiest to do)

keep it up! :D
Sorry, pass is opsc :) My first one was a 128/128 but there was so much unused space that I didnt know what to do with it. Heh, I play terran so i geuss its kinda biased, but if you could help me make it so its even for the other races too id really apreciate it.
your missing top left starting location :P
Heh :S, it was there:S I think a ramp may also be missing from the left gas only :S If someone could fix it up, id apreciate it:P
if someone makes an edit, I can upload it without password, feel free to email to me at, although you should tell me here that you've done so, I check my email less than once per week, I'm always at bwm :)
Fixed a few things, islands now have bridges. Fixed the gas on the gas only (not sure if it helps any really :s) I would love if someone could test this, or even take it and make it into a biger map, kike 194/194 or something.

that way i could increase main size and maybe even make it a 4 player map by adding mains at 6 and 9 or something.

I tried to enlarge it myself, and started to mess around with copying the map and pasteing it next to it, trying to blend it all together but that didnt work out too good :

Anyways, just some ideas..Is there a way to remove the map password? Its opsc, and if anyone knows how, please do so :)


Just some ideas:)

maps larger than 128x128 have a minimap that's hard to see things on; the size is 192 not 194; I don't think you can remove passwords without deleting and reuploading the map, but it doesn't matter since you've publicized it anyway =/

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