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Last update for (4)Dyson Sphere : 2007, 03, 01 19:06
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1975 (4)Dyson Sphere 128*128LostTampon0.7final

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 39 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

make the solar stuff like the middle of rh3, it'll look better and lurks won't be as hard to see.
Other than giving Zerg a random advantage, what is the purpose of those swarms?
to give zerg a random advantage
lol templar think outside the box...
=P I'm a v. orginal player ;D
okay, now im sober;


- redesigned middle
- edited some doodad placement

I placed those dwebs at the sides to prevent an easy terran push there

yes i have placed them there for experimental issues, but there are some different ways to get out of the base, so you arent contained if there are lurkers beneath it.
but as as nightmarjoo said: mayb some nice strategies can evolve by creative usage of these swarms
I can see Protoss making Terran go the long way in PvT early game, and Terran hoping he gets a chance to hide goliaths under it late game vs Carriers (which Protoss might have Zeals for anyway).

Zerg will pretty much force Terran to go the long way the whole game (causing more clicks).

TvT the bridge will be permenantly held by like 2 tanks forcing players to go the long way around, especially if they get their own bridge taken. Maybe some really ballsy player will drop FireBats in to break it once or twice. I guess mines could break it too, if you slipped a vult or so in there.

ZvZ will pretty much be the same. Hydras aren't going to see any opportunities because of lings, and the that fact mutas won't go that way.

PvP Pretty much be the same. Harder to break Zeals at the bridge.

That's my theorycraft. But I'm probably entirely wrong, I will play you on this map when we get a chance, just IM me.
modified by PsychoTEMPlar
modified by PsychoTEMPlar
ye im aware of those facts, i need just some tests how this works out :)
i will message you this weekend, then we will see how cheesy the games will be :P
I think PvP will be entirely tech based tho on this.. I mean, past goons :O
same minor changes with layout/doodads
You placed the dwebs on the sides to prevent an easy Terran tank push. However, I tried it and you can fit tanks in spots by the side of the dwebs. These tanks are hard to attack by melee not to mention ranged units (they are very vulnerable to air though). Tanks in these positions can provide sufficient cover for a terran army pushing through. These attacks however will mostly be relevant in a NW vs SW or NE vs SE situation. Otherwise nice map, I would have liked to see more dwebs in the center.

modified by Lancet
I wouldn't call that sufficient cover. You can get up 3, maybe 4 tanks close to the "exit" from the dWeb area.
On the other side a protoss can put 10-20 goons and some zeals. When the terran leaves the dwebs, the protoss quickly charges in, kills a good bunch of units while only drawing fire from a few tanks; he will be able to kill much more than he'll lose.
Also, if there are several sieged tanks, you can simply drop a zealot there (no turrets/goliaths!) and it will still draw the other tanks' splash, while you'd probably find a place from where a zeal can attack.
Next thing: Drop a HT next to the sieged tanks, so that it doesn't get killed, Maybe drop a zeal before the HT, and storm units under the dWebs.

So in conclusion: a terran push through there shouldn't be much of a problem.

Of course a protoss' attack with goons through that area is much more in vain, though.
most likely final edit: added now some dwebs
LostTampon, I suggest you place the north/south double webs closer to each other (see GMCS) like you did with the east/west double webs.
The further appart dwebs are the easier it is for an army to go around them and the more irrelevant for gameplay they become (dwebs at chokes are a different matter).

Come on LostTampon, put those dwebs a little closer together and I will give you my vote.

: ^ )
modified by Lancet

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