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Last update for (4)Char-ade : 2007, 02, 09 12:23
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1986 (4)Char-ade 128*128Lancet0.3final

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 14 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is the first map I've made using ScmDraft. The map has two large land masses at the top and bottom and a total of 4 starting bases (two per land mass). However, it is important that the map only be used for one-on-one battles (two players) in keeping with the "spirit" of the map description which reads:

"The guessing game has begun on planet Char! Will your enemies attack you by foot crossing the lifeless scorched earth, or will they attack you by air crossing the searing heat of the molten rock?"

Each main has a small expansion site to its north or south (the first natural) and another expansion site just outside the ramp exiting the base (the second natural). The bases have enough minerals & vespene to make everyone happy but more resources are available in the center and a fight for its control may be important towards the middle or end game (but see below).

The left and right halves of the map are approximately symmetrical but the top and bottom halves, although they have roughly the same outlines, have an important difference. If a section of the map in the bottom half is low ground it will be high ground in the corresponding section of the upper half and vice versa. The two land masses in the map, while separated by and ocean of magma, are connected at the center but the path is blocked by a 5000 hit point overmind. Therefore, at least in the early game (or even later depending on what the players decide to do), this will be a two island map. Destruction of the overmind will allow the free flow of ground troops from one land mass to the other. There is a "loop" in the land connecting the two bases of each landmass that makes the path between them longer to discourage mindless rushing strategies. This "loop" also has dwebs at choke points. The center has a "cross" pattern of dwebs and dark swarms behind the mineral-only expansions. A player willing to expand here must have a strategy to deal with enemy units dropped in the swarms.
Depending on the "luck of the draw" for starting bases, opponents will find themselves in the same or different landmasses. Opponents in the top land mass will have their mains in low ground separated by high ground, whereas opponents in the lower land mass will have their mains in high ground separated by low ground. Opponents ending up in different landmasses may be just across from each other or clear across the map diagonally. Early and constant scouting will be essential. Regardless of the initial location of the players, air transport will be very important because the mains can be defended at "loop" and main chokes from land assaults. A player that has been "contained" to his/her base may find relief by expanding to the base across from his/her main to the opposite land mass.

I hope you find this map interesting. Please let know of any ideas you may have to improve the map.
hmm interesting concept, vert or corner pos looks impossible pvt, t has easy 3gas and the tight choke in the middle, won't really matter who's on top. horiz pos on top might be p>t for being on top at nat in early game, but after that probably t>p for the easy 3gas.
tvz/pvz will be a fucking bitch, no room to make turrets/cannons to fight mutas. Easy 3gas will make zerg very strong here.

eh gas issue, either try and play with terrain stuff next to that bottom geyser to try and speed up mining, or put all geysers for the mains on the left. I suggest trying the former first, if you can get it to mine nicely using the terrain things you could keep the concept without keeping the issue.

I suggest making the middle choke there more open and creating a wedge shaped large ramp.
I'm not sure if the spells will really do anything in the map because of their placement and the map's overall layout, there isn't much emphasis on the middle because of the easy 3base thing the map encourages turtling strongly. The mineral formations have to be moved a bit so turrets/cannons can be made =/

Looks like a nice zvz map lol

edit: ah I was typing my thing before you posted your comment :) I see what you're doing with the top/bottom island thing, but I think it just encourages more turtling not semi-island play, I again suggest making the middle choke larger.
modified by Nightmarjoo
Thanks for your comments Nightmarjoo. Well.........the thing is that when you make a map short on mineral and vespene on the main and nats people ask you to put more, but like you just said if you put more it encourages turtling and you favor the making of units with high gas requirements. I am tempted to just decrease the minerals and reduce the vespene geysers to 2 (making the second nat a mineral-only) and if somebody wants more, tough, they are just going to have to expand.

I really, really want to keep the concept of the middle choke blocked until somebody decides to blast it away (plus I still don't know how to make large ramps).

I can try placing the mineral patches in the mains away from the cliffs (towards the border of the map. That way workers will be more easily protected from marauding mutas. I disagree a little with the issue of space, I think there is a lot of it in the main plus second nat and you can place turrets and cannons towards the edges.

The spells (which I prefer to call abilities), oh dear, you have to be very careful where you place them or you can really tilt the balance in favor of one race. I decided to place them away from the mains and nats so by the time you get to the middle you will have the right units to deal with and (or) exploit them.

Now that I finally learned how to create and upload a picture I hope I will be able to edit the map! However, I will wait for some others to place their comments. I hope this map is good enough to be entered into the "maps with spells" competition.
mains are fine sizewise, just moving the minerals and gas for room behind is all I'm asking for.

everyone seems so afraid to use spells -_- In my spell map (which is currently not on the site) I used spells at the choke, in the main, and in the middle. There were no sprite or balance issues from when I tested the map; you just have to work with the spells strategically.

I think making the nat mineral only and the backdoor have gas is an alright idea, or however which way you want to do it. This will reduce turtling a little atleast.
Again I am having the problem with editing the map and this time I am 100% sure I did not screw up. I wrote down the file name and password but when I try to login to edit I get this:

"Error. Make sure you entered the correct map id.
Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /www/htdocs/v127008/mappage/editpub2.php on line 6"

And no, even if I ignore the message the map and the picture are not updated. So there is clearly a problem with the editing program at this website or (more likely) some compatibility problem with my computer. What can I do?

What happens if I try to upload the map using the same name as the old one? Or if I give it the name "Char-ade I" and then ask you guys to erase the old one? And repeat this one more time with the final edition of the map having the original name "Char-ade".
editing should work, when I edit maps it gives me that error but the map is edited. Try a few more times :)
Try using a different browser, for example.
Out of desperation at being unable to edit my map using the edit command in this site I just uploaded the edited map and picture with the same name, as a new map, and guess what? It worked! The edited map and picture replaced the old map and picture. Oh well, go figure.

I have changed the amount of minerals and axed the vespene geyser on the 2nd nat to discourage turtling. I have also placed more space behind the mineral lines in the mains and nats. Notice that I have placed shale or broken rocks at strategic places so that those areas will not be blocked with buildings.

I hope I can get feedback from some other people here. The only person posting comments about my map has been Nightmarjoo and I am thankful for that but I would also like to hear other points of view.

Well, I think Nightmajoo named most of the "formal" problems, like gas issue, open/tight etc.. Minlines could be improved.

After this is fixed, you will have to test. Due to the non-equal main design, this map mostly needs actual testing, and it is generally unlikely that it will be accepted as a good map unless you can prove it with quite some replays.

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