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Last update for (2)Inertia : 2007, 02, 19 21:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2003 (2)Inertia 96*96Nightmarjoo0.1beta

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

Pretty simple map; I'll finish decoration tomorow. I might add spells to be cool and to make the map more interesting, any ideas about where spells should be used? Also, how do you feel about the neutrals in the middle?
Swarm in middle is bad idea imo - middle is fine atm, but bare in mind that since it's smaller map anything you put in the middle tightens it up a lot. Swarm in middle would be t>p ez. Tanks could still obliterate goons in there, tanks in there would be like gods, when zlots are used normally you can count on mines to blow them up and kill tanks, or can count on enemy siege fire killing their tanks, or can count on them being a distraction for their tanks so your goons can win, goons < swarm, swarm > friendly tank fire, and also no t would place mines there when they know they'll want to use it.

The locations you noted for dwebs, eh looks pointless

Gas in middle? no, draws importance away from sides.

Expo there? Maybe, but I like the expo system now. Adding a mineral only would make grabbing money too easy, adding gas would reduce the strategic value of only one other gas expo per player in the map.
Imo you don't need an inverted here, could be solved well with a normal ramp. People are using inverteds much too often nowadays...
inverted make better map :D <3
i don't see what the buildings add. other than that it looks really good, i'd play it.

I agree with spinesheath on the inverted also.
I'd like to hit you for that, tktkv...
Just so that you know: even our best inverteds have flaws such as low terrain where it should be high and such. I hope that SI releases a SCMD2 version with height levels soon so that I can fix those if possible...
I like inverts for pos balance with distances

@bogmonster, the ones at the nat close the choke so it's easier to defend early game, but allows you to open it up later for troop movement. Eh, the ones in the middle are just there I spose. Keeps the sides seperate from the middle, but allows the opportunity to open them for flanking and pathing etc.

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