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Last update for (4)Nentai : 2007, 03, 23 22:25
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2038 (4)Nentai 128*128RaDiX0.3experimental

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 17 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Very experimental map, haven't rly tested it yet, dunno about the imbas...

The main minerals: 29x450 (=~14000), gas 5000
Natural: 8x1500
2nd Natural: 0 minerals, gas 3x 400

Other exps: 8x1500, gas 5000.

That main concept I've had about all the time I have been map-maker, now I just made it :). This map really needs a lot of testing, I hope some1 could help me in it... I really spent a lot of time to this map, maybe the most time i've ever had... Tell me what should be changed/How do u like it..

you and your mains...and inside,the circle of wealth,come on!also,it is come to my attention that to add those webs is now a folk-sport.the whole map is the epitome of what i call standard.

-change the look of the mains
-try to decorate them
-change those horrible min lines in the mains
-add gas in the N/S expos(nat?)
-3 geysirs in those lateral expos?damn.cut out 2 of them and add min.lines.make each of them to a normal expo. so that the map becomes enough resources
-add more doodads

this all after a first view.and forget once for all these webs.pop-culture for the weak...

lo, Grief. You say that this map was an "epitome of standard", and then you suggest to change everything in such a way that it becomes even more standard. Also, as always, you focus pretty much on looks Oo

About the map itself:
Mass minerals will hurt z a lot. Z has can't use them as efficiently as the other races, since z always has to watch the larvae count.
It doesn't rly have mass minerals.. :o But u think I should take some away? How much?
Mass in the sense of "can harvest with lots of peons at once". Zerg will never be able to use 29 mineral blocks, a zerg usually got 9-15 drones per expansion. A protoss or terran gets a huge eco boost by this.

8 minerals is normal, 9 is the newer approach that helps p against z (that's already quite a bit), and maps like longinus have 10, but they turn out to be pure massing maps imo.

So: Those minerals are no good concept imo. You might test it, but I say that a 4gate toss with some goons (I'm positive that you can pull that off, would have to try though) will rape any zerg on this map.
But haven't u noticed those 3 gas's there? ;)
t map ez. Terran can easily mine with many workers, and once they take the three gas expo they win. tvz there'd be no reason to make mnm at all with that much gas lol. The map is tight which further favours terran.

I'm not sure how many minerals the main's blocks have, but I do know that you effectively kill zerg; looks like only a 1hatch muta strat will be effective oO

I'm not sure if the dwebs will have a use at all, they might though =/

Grief's comment about epitome of standard is very funny considering how experimental the map is. But he is right about the decoration, it is rather bland, you did so much better on your one space map, space in hell.
The map is a very new and bold concept and I congratulate you for it. However, my concern is the following. You can get the workers out ofthe circle of minerals using the trick where one mines and pushes the other out. So workers will have free reing longer than usual early in the game to explore the map. Now, a protoss probe is bad news, it can build a wall of photon cannons next to you main or warp in gateways. In fact this strategy is worrisome enough in regular maps. I think that in this map it will be even more problematic, especially for zerg. I watched the replay you uploaded and you can see that it was a problem there. Until you get a "hole" in the mineral line you will only be able to get lings or hydras out using the mining worker trick.

Also, what is a Nentai, you have nothing in the slot for map description or name of the scenario.
modified by Lancet

What's new: Mains now have 5mineral blocks wich have 1500 minerals. The others have 50. Now 4 gas in main, each got 200 gas... 3mineral blocks removed from 3 and 9 expos. 2 from 12 and 6.


Deco is now much better...
Oh, I can do this as a normal map... Would you like that 1 better?
Why did you remove the spells? That is the cutting edge in starcraft map making today. Please at least keep the dwebs. As to the swarms you can place them in such a way that a lurker in them will only hit a few of the mineral clumps.I am not sure about the gas in the main. You have to invest 400 minerals if you are protoss or terran to get 800 gas, whereas if you are zerg you have to invest 200 minerals to get 800 gas. And that is without counting the cost of the workers. Wouldn't it be easier to just have one geyser with say, 800?
modified by Lancet
Lancet... Why i put so many gas is b-cause some ppl told me that zerg will have no chance cuz terran/toss can mine those minerals so fast, cuz they have lot more workers than z. And every1 knows gas is important for z right? So I made so that z can harvest gas fastly... I'm still considering the spells... :P

I also thought about putting some neutral buildings but nah. :)
zerg cannot use those geysers as quickly as the other races. 4 drones gone for extracters, 12 drones for gas, 16 drones gone lol, most zerg don't have a total of 16 drones mining in one base. Bare in mind they need more drones for mining minerals too. 5 mineral blocks will slow zerg getting his 2nd hatch a lot. Please think about balance when you try something experimental.

I like spells in maps, if you don't use them fine, if you do use them try and do it amazingly :)
modified by RaDiX
The map is pretty fucking cool. :)

THough im not too fond of the barrier around the start locs. The layout is done great and whats good about it is that its simple and it looks like a fresh map so that means u did a good job. I say, since there isnt a standard nat/main base layout, that you should consider making the mains have dual gas and cut down the gas everywhere else.

As it is now, it looks like a sexy 2v2 map ^^
Wow thx, 1st real positive comment ;)..
The terrain is too symetrical, you should make the grass, mud, dirt less symetrical, i will be nicer imo.
WTF? What the heck did you do to the starting positions man? Bunkers, turrets and science facilities? Is this map meant to only be played by Terran? You are out of control (and your dwebs do not place correctly). Take a break, keep it simple.
lol ok it's better now
Oh come on Nightmarjoo, you can't possible agree with that. What is you reasoning?
Man calm down... If i add there z+p building's is it ok? :-D
nice map :)
but i doubt that these are the right sprites (unit sprites->neutral->protoss->disruption field)
because they are not allowed to tough unwalkable terrain :/
one solution maybe to largen the chokes and place a mineral on it to tighten it again
Worked fine in a game :o... (Checked only 1, I will check others later..) Thx for advice..
but dont forget to check if you can shoot beneath them
Edited again... Wider ramps, blocked by mineral (12).. Added z+p buildings ^^..

edit: not blocked but.. U know ^^...
modified by RaDiX
Btw, any1 wna test this with me?... I can test ur map if u test my ^^
OK, first I apologize for my comment above. I do like the layout of your map and the dwebs at the chokes are OK. But I sort of liked your original concept of having the natural surrounded by a mineral wall. I only felt that a quick exit was needed, so probably placing one or two mineral blocks of say 8 or 16 each would have done the trick. It seems I did not make myself clear on that. But the current form of the mains with zerg, toss and terran buildings is just too weird for me. But of course, that is just me.
having buildings which can be destroyed and not minerals which have to be mined is a big plus imo.
As any race can push a worker over the minerals and make zerg's 2nd hatch or pylon or depot or rax w/e, I don't think there is any racial balance with the mains. Although the mineral position in the base makes muta harass look a little hard, I'm sure Savior could go learn a new strategy when playing this map^^

--GG-valio vs mJ.RaDiX(1on1, 1.14)
--PsycHoTemplAr vs Rel(1on1, 1.14)

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